June 07, 2009

Here, Here, and Here

happy 18th birthday dearie cj!
not gonna lie, it was all last minute planning. haha but who says last minute plans are pure crap right? as long as we do it wholeheartedly and our plan went well! so i met the girls two days consecutively - one to get cj's present and the other for the celebration. huito setted up the '18 cj' lightsticks at botanic garden while we brought birthday girl over. it was fun dragging time and slacking at cj's before that though, i really enjoyed watching my exhubby(edison chen haha!) on cnn. sweet. alright so 2/4 of us are legal now. two more to go!

sports and fitness camp!! so i'll not be around..
till then. i should be able to tweet a bit here and there.

haven been studying, haven start that fuck. it feels like the end of the world to realise that your friends decided to leave you behind the race, leaving you all alone. listening to saosin's you're not alone makes me feel that the world is a load of bullshit, although i wanna believe in the otherwise. need to learn how to get things started. time to start studying after june camp, time to, i've been telling myself that but you know i just know how to talk shit that is. fucked myself up.

criticise me, all you want to, on my tagboard or whatever. i'm immune already...

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