June 27, 2009

Last week of hols,

wasnt bad at all. i caught transformers2 which was pretty awesome (megan hottie fox never had a dick), skipped school, went jamming with the rest, went out for durians haha, tried three new flavors of instant noodles(love this), dined at astons, watched three dvds, shopped and bought some clothings but i assume they're on impulse.., had suppers on three nights, contacted someone which i kinda missed, oh and i dated shitclass! rad. so rad.

oh last night, so i was at esplanade and i missed the last bus to get home. left with no choice but to get a cab if i want to go home. and there came two ladies who offered to share cabby with me, since they both stays in BP. they're from rjc, and lol their conversation made me feel like an ignorant young kid. cool stuff is, even the taxi driver stays in BP. so it's four different parts of BP. wow, this is what i call.. fate? haha pretty interesting.

two days more to school reopening. i wouldnt say it's doomsday or what for me for block test two, i mean it's kinda obvious i'll flunk every subject right since i dont even study like how my friends do, how sishood do, how the rest do and how the whole fucking world do. i have friends who studied so much they'd rather not sleep. that's pretty insane cos i would not give my beauty sleep away... but that's how hardworking people are now, definitely good for them. it's just my own fucking problem, cos i dont study in the day too. so you know, i dont make sacrifices like that, it'll surely be a miracle if i pass any subject including math. i mean yeah, but so what if i tried to attempt to date my shitclass, i know how good/bad i am myself the best. i dont know why but im not fucking scared at all lol so first paper on monday - chemishit. will see how low i can get, watch me. i'll top from the bottom.

fuck. i got to be serious. this aint a joke.
but tell me how..!! oh man this is crap.


forgotten said...

haha chill, u have got me man.
i only covered Ionic eq for the whole holidays up till now.

zhengning said...

yo antonia hahaha.
like we said the other time, we're gonna go see p and vp tgt k. haha lol. but aiyar yeah theres not much else we can do now. so just.. see how it goes. hahah.