June 12, 2009

Sports and Fitness June camp!

June camp would have not been possible without all the hard work of every single one especially the excos for their dedication, commitment, and hard work which also yeah enabled the j1s to have enjoyed so many fun filled activities. colleen definitely did an awesome sweet job! she's the man yo. well definitely a memorable experience together as a j2 cohort, as a committee of planning the camp, or even as a leader of a group. though we're like exhausted inside out and drained from the camp, we managed to achieve the objectives of the camp and not gonna lie that all of us even though were tired from the various activities, we had our share of fun and laughter. didnt expect myself to be chosen as agl of a group previously, but i got to thank sakinah for guiding me along with this since yeah i knew about myself that i need time to warm up a bit here and there. good job gls and agls! i really enjoyed all the gossip sessions, jokes and just random sharings :) and it was really heartwarming to see every single j2s getting together to make this camp a wow kick success. Sweet.

smoochiee from http://smoochiezz.livejournal.com just made my day seriously. never in my whole life have i bumped into such an awesome blogshop owner. i had some troubles in preordering my items, since smartpunk and glamkills dont accept sg visa cards, but for smartpunk there's another method but it's troublesome. you got to mail them, get pictures of your card, identity and so on. guess what she's willing to help me do the private order! it's a hell lot of trouble i know.. ohman am i lucky or am i lucky? seriously yo. just hope that smartpunk accepts that if not im gonna trouble yilin this time round.

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