June 30, 2009

Sway your head,

this is really late, but happy birthday jm!!!! didnt have a chance to blog about it hmmm, so on sunday we headed out for a little celebration. it was nothing amusing this year, just a simple celebration but definitely full of our love and sincerity, hee. had a meal at crystal jade, before heading over to esplanade to just chill and we actually hid her present behind the bushes, but alright it was pretty obvious so she found it in less than five minutes? no fun man haha, i wanted to act like somemore. well i dont know but like i wrote in her card, man next year we wont be able to celebrate her birthday with her anymore since she'll be all the way in china. i wonder how's china's birthday celebration like, could it be like new year? you have to wear red on your birthday lol i dont know, haha jingmin-er lol shall tell us about it next year.

alright so basically, school reopened and for two days straight(i dont know how long must we do this), we have been heading to classroom to get our temperatures taken before the papers. oh and we cant leave school from jacob ballas bridge, which means i have to walk all the way out from the side gate/main gate to the express way for my 966, which is nothing but just a waste of time. seriously, i can save like about 10x2 = 20 mins walking from jacob ballas instead of the side gate which is like so far away. damn.

we had chem p3 as well as econs p2 already. so i did like about 20/80 marks worth of questions for chem yesterday, and slept through the paper. damn, my calculator fell from the table and now it's not working anymore. chem is such an ass..... haha. okay and econs today, even much better. i slept for more than an hour, our paper for today is erm two hours fifteen minutes? it's like we got to complete three full questions, which means six parts of essay? i did two full one though. and two not even half complete, and conveniently left out two. there's nothing up in my head actually, i cant even pen some crap down on the answer sheet. sleep was on my mind.

well actually i dont know why am i updating stuff on this block test, i mean i didnt even put in any effort.. or rather, i didnt even give a damn for block test. didnt even try to attempt the questions i dont know, but im not trying to show off or anything, nothing much to show off either, you wont want grades like mine anyway. it's just, i dont know. what am i challenging actually? i keep telling myself that i'm preparing for A fucking levels and not dumbo block test, but yeah you know, i'm full of excuses. i just hope i wont be so fucked up after this week. i really need to get my ass off skiving. yeah yeah, i knew that everyone's mugging their heads off, even for that dumb block test or even just for the final exam, well fuck i am totally aware of that.. but where's the pressure? why cant i feel any pressure? i feel like a sloth. all i do is going online, and chatting with strangers on omegle lol, not really. wait, all i do is going online, and just staying online for as long as i want to even when i've got nothing to do. yeah, that's right.
like what the fuck.

sorry i'm a boring person, all i do is just to post about how dumb and how fucked up i am.

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