June 21, 2009

Weighing our hands down,

removed my tagboard, such a waste of space. but dont be sad, you can still comment, in case you're not aware of that. llooll.

today's just another use-com-slash-sleep-in-slash-eatandeat-slash-just-sit-there-rot-and-do-nothing day. i enjoy life like this, or is this life at all? oh man i'm weird.

happy birthday dad, and happy fathers' day too. loveyou daddy..

i ditched my shitclass, yeah today's the official one. a pretty short relationship we had together, i'm really sorry for that. i was still wondering if i could find time for my lovely assclass, namely chem ass and econono. but just forget it. i'd rather keep my hands off anyone of yall, am not going to waste my time to entertain anyone of you.. you know, i got to be fair right, so scram. just scram off as far as you can, erm 'for now'. but i secretly wished for shitclass and assclass to come back to me after block test two actually, idk im always contrasting myself. but if they do come back, i might love them wholeheartedly, and try my best to fall in love with em all over again. okay let's do it, let's play a game or something, what do you think?

what, you did realise i'm trying to find excuses for myself again? trying to convince whatever shit out of me. but seriously, what's more to do right now? waste your time panicking and crying over what - the time constraint or the amount of work undone? gave some thoughts and am not gonna do that! what for?? next week's packed with extra lessons, hints? not sure, but am not going to school except for monday's. i'm so sorry chongster... i hate to disappoint you, but im gonna do it again, this time round. i know i'm gonna top the class from the bottom once again, it's nothing unusual you realise. but please dont lose hope on me yet... dont.


Yilin said...

Hihi come on must study ok! <: (I now addicted to BOF & GG, Commontests gg liao S:)

zhengning said...

haah i know i have to, but you know procrastination and laziness always win the battle!!
haha ooh i see i see lol, you should study too! jiayou tgt :)