July 30, 2009

Get mad, then get over it.

so today i opened the second slip of paper from the pouchie that jm and cj gave. i hope i wont need to open one more anytime soon though, emomomo girlie only.

today's funny though, despite the part that i actually broke down a little after chem lecture, which was totally embarrassing..... sigh i controlled myself already, but i'm just way too dumb i cant take it! well but my friends are so funny, they came one by one treating me with food lol, guess i've been asking them to treat me too frequently lol. back to some day, i think it's tues, i wanted to skip school because i was late. then wenshit & minz both told me that they'll treat me sushi and drinks if i go to school. hahaha!! joke, but i went in the end, for my freebies lol! oh yeah so what's funny today, i bought toasts! found an empty table, sat down and all, but the wind's too strong and my toast just flew away like literally! flew and landed on the chair. and like what the fuck i cant eat my toast.

gp remedial lesson, my first one today. so i got to be in school for this boring shit every thurs, it ends at 730pm. i'll be staying in sch for exactly 12hours, life of a sajc failure girlie. just got to live with this shitass 'failure' title for another four months though..
before i'm FREEEEEEEE from all these shit. cant wait for that day.

July 26, 2009

Let me back into...

Into your arms.

I'm falling in love,
But its falling apart,
I need to find my way back to the start..

P.S: John O's fucking handsome, and Kennedy's hot as well!

so i burnt my pocket today, i was shopping alone and whao spent $xxx on just clothes itself. it's good, i got what i wanted to buy long ago. but at the same time, bad, i'm guilty and i'm broke like really broke. it's not as if it's the start of the month where i can get my allowance. what was i thinking? fucking hope that august 1's just tomorrow, i need cash! webcammed with wenshit the other day. so as usual, i switched off my lights and lit up a candle, like how romantic right yeah i know lol. been doing so for quite sometime. actually i was just trying to save electricity, i'm the energy rep in class know? save the earth yo. nah kidding i'm not so nice. but i like candles and i like my room dimmed. so that night, i left it lighted, i forgot to blow it away, lol i'll definitely burn my house down one day.

the ':p' icon on msn... lame you're lame wenshit.

& fftf's recording later in the afternoon! :)
i'm gonna sleep now, definitely an interesting day up ahead. stoked.
goodnight to myself.

July 22, 2009

This isn't rocket surgery,

chem 18/100
math 42/100
econs 25/100
gp 41/100

my midyears aka bt2 results for all eyes. i thought for a while before deciding to post this up. nope, no way am i proud of what i've achieved, i fucking flunk it, but this serves as a reminder that i got to start kicking asses and study like smarties out there. do you think i'm up for it? i dont know but right now i know that i have to do something about my fucking results, not a second to waste (think a rocket to the moon) haha.

once a slacker, always a slacker. so i took a rest again today, i mean when have i not been resting. okay i know, i said i got to study, but things aside, i discovered a site where you can dress up a model, it's called looklet. so i kinda dress the models according to what i like - colors + red + tank + leggings, they're really simple and i'm kinda satisfied with what i picked and would love to dress up like those. but where the hell can i get those tights and leggings? love em so much. so please any kind hearted souls, hit me up or share with me where can i get something similar. will love you till death, all my heart.

so once again, my timetable's edited, kinda got a new timetable. it's so disgusting, i'm really pissed with the arrangement and everything. maybe it's because i dont have h1 anymore, but tell me, who actually will have a 5 and a half hours long break a day? yes break, not even lessons! somemore it's you know, continuous. so my first lesson on friday starts from 8am to 9am, and my second would be from 2.30pm to 3.30pm, then school ends for me. oh wow.
by the way, my sch's pretty lame. i cant help but to share this with everyone reading this space, i mean i find this funny. not gonna comment about temperature taking twice everyday which we love to fake our temp readings, as well as the allocated seats in class and in lecture halls which no one kinda follows. now, the school exaggerated the situation by assigning the j1s and j2s fixed seating plans for mealtime. so eighteen years old like us cant even choose where we want to sit. to add on, there's even specific toilets allocated to the j1s and j2s, lol it's really amazing or rather amusing that the school actually think that we give a damn. seriously, i mean if you're urgent or something, do you even care? you just need to pee and poo right.

July 19, 2009

I see a devil in your left eye and an angel in your right,

school's boring, oh so boring. i spent most of my time in school, either having long breaks, sleeping in boring lectures, or just you know, daydreaming away like i always do. dreaming about going to warped tour to join therefortomorrow, lights and versaemerge! and atl's gonna go on warped tomorrow, and touring in europe next up! just so awesome.. i'll probably be spending next week trying to picture myself at warped chilling and listening to good music.. haha yeah i know im dreaming, pretty sure of it. still, at least im enjoying every second of it, no?

school? i told the rest what's on my mind the other day.
whenever we have to spent long hours in school, we'll wish that school ends right away, and that we can get home soon. but the thing is that whenever we have like, only three hours of lessons that day, we will think that we shouldnt even go to school, why waste our time right. ok so am i right, anybody with me?

had our classphoto taken the other day, so it's gonna appear in our year book which we'll receive next year when we go back to get our results? hahahaha
these are the people who made school a little more enjoyable. i cant imagine how life would be w/o them in school. i think you wont even see me in school lol.

so i got back most of my results, or rather we kinda get a picture of how we did for blocktest2. i failed everything, even math which i did study. quite sure my rankpoint this time round would be less than thirty. nothing much to comment about it actually since i did not put in any effort at all, i didnt even touch chem for the whole holidays, it's like in my bag since the last day of school till school reopened. so i guess if i touch them at least, i wont fail during prelims. im gonna touch them... i cant afford to fail again. i cant.
but something i really have no idea how and what can i do about it - geepee. i love mrs wee, her lessons are pretty interesting, i mean at least i wont fall asleep during her lesson, but i just hate gp.... i cant write for goodness sake! most of the time, i dont understand what the given passage is talking about. even if i understand what the shit is all about, i just cant write and crap my way through all those shit. shat. sigh. geepee, how not to fail you? it's not as if my chinese is damn good or anything, both my language are you know, dog's poo. this sucks, cos im no science inclined or anything. basically, that's as well as good for nothing. wo-ah.

okay forget it, stay cool and love me (L)
hey i love fridays, so much, as well as weekends. it's something i look forward to everyday, like you know the end of the week, you can just dont think about anything and just relax your mind, do the things you like, go jamming, sleep late and wake up late, eat lots of maggi mee. my life.

last friday was well spent, oh after school that is. met up with the girls! i waited a little more than an hour for the three girls to arrive! but thats also because i skipped and left the econs lecture earlier haha, i had good food(even though service sucks) and most of all, awesome company for the evening. not forgetting that the two poly kiddos are really sweet! so jm and cj went on a little mission, the both of them went onto a mission sometime earlier during their break, and made something for the jc kiddos, hy and i!

it's like pretty cool and handy as well. really thoughtful and sweet because i guess what we really need now to fight the battle, other than knowledge and help, is support and motivation like that. i need a lot of motivation, perhaps way way way more than usual people do. i'm a slacker. so the little pouchie definitely works for me..

time to stop bullshitting and start to at least complete my homework. believe it or not, i'm not completed a single tutorial since april or may last year. not a single one.
okay maybe i should just let the trend carry on, i should do revision packages instead. oh yeah baby. let's do it... i hope this feeling last.

July 18, 2009

Come Around,

i'm back! not that i'm busy to blog, but my com broke down the other day. so i didnt get to use the com for three whole days! wow and you'd probably know i cant survive without the computer, not even one day really i cant help but to use the com in school, meanwhile hk dramas saved me from boredom. i hate the feeling of you know, feeling disconnected. sigh still got to pay for the repair fees, bad luck is all i can say, well at least my songs and pictures are safe and sound, all thanks to backing up. oh but i cant find the disc to install my printer, crap... which means i cant print anything now. but i'll find a way out soon. i'm zn, if you didnt know.

school's really boring, i have to repeat this so many times. today, i'm in school for eleven hours, yes eleven. which sucks so much because i spent my time longer in school than at home or anywhere else, wtf and we only have one an a half hour break throughout the whole eleven hours, seriously i have so much to complain about my so called perfect timetable. it's so perfect that we could have breaks for as long as three and a half hours and days with lessons for three and a half hours non stop, without any intervals. wow that perfect?

okay i need to sleep, laters!

July 12, 2009

So obvious

1. caught a stroke last night while webcamming with tanwenshit. i didnt know it can spread pretty fast, she had a stroke after a few moments too, sadgurlz. please pay tribute to us.
2. my sexy nostril.. wenshit's pretty ew, she wanted to get her finger into my nose.. wenshit please stop it! :(
3. tanwenshit had a relapse, got a stroke again when fallen says hello.
4. wenshit likes it when i do that.
5. add us, prettygirls@hotmail.com

i make you come just to watch you leave.

July 11, 2009

School has been a bore.

not the company, nor the food. we go to shangeri-la everyday k haha, and now that our school sells sushi, pastries, kaya toast, softboiled eggs and mixed rice stall having fried eggs and jap toufu everyday, what more can i ask for? all my favorites. but fuck that we have long breaks, and im really disgusted. to think that the school actually invested a five digit sum of money to construct the perfect timetable for all? so breaks for as long as two and a half hours's perfect for students!! screw the school.

thursday saw me going to school the usual time, and by right school ends at 5.30pm that day. the thing is that we go to school for say what, nine hours? and we only have lessons for like four hours, the rest are just freaking breaks! i start school at 11am, but have to reach at the normal time and that's 7.30am. what the fuck. so every even thursdays would be spent idling, or sleeping in school... i'd rather sleep at home right, what a waste of time going to school..

friday, which was yesterday. the only thing i looked forward to was PE, so we didnt go for pe on thurs, i supposed the rest would be going on friday, somemore it's not in the afternoon or something, i was hoping to play some games which i can sweat like mad. then, who knows only six of us were intending to head for PE, and with six, what else can we play. jesus christ! i cant imagine myself not doing any exercises for the next five months or so, i mean at least you play some games every week right. and the fact that we eat quite a bit and mostly unhealthy stuff, the more we should try our best to you know, move a little? k nevermind, not the main thing i wanna rant.
so yesterday, mrs wee didnt come to school and we had three and a half hours break, look carefully three and a half hours. thats like 210minutes!!! omgwtfbbq right. our first lesson other than pe was at 12.30pm! i'm complaining, yes i am. i hate the new timetable, cant imagine i got to live with it for the next five months. i couldve spent my time doing something wiser! just take away my breaks. sigh life sucks, that much.

didnt take much pictures the past week. but i met goodfrens on wednesday when i had no school, both authentic and non-authentic lol. but yeah i shouldve did homeschooling or just go on holiday like how dan skipped both thursday and friday, dumb i'm like dumb.

someone's making me really confused. i hate it. i really hate it.
i sound like a girl with lots of hatreds in me, that's not true. idk, i think life's really unfair. i miss missing someone dearly. that feeling kind of, disappeared forever, i guess. emomomo, mojojojo.

July 08, 2009

Omegle II

Connecting to server...
Looking for someone you can chat with. Hang on.
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
A word of advice: "asl" is boring. Please find something more interesting to talk about!
Stranger: hi
You: hi
Stranger: m or f?
You: boobs
Stranger: ewww! :(
Your conversational partner has disconnected.

July 06, 2009

Give me therapy,

I'm a walking travesty
But I'm smiling at everything
Therapy, You were never a friend to me
And you can keep all your misery

zn: my mom just came back from truly asia.
jm: truly asia?
zn: malaysia larrrr

i just created a tumblr, not to blog, but to follow a couple of links. so yeah, dont have to stalk me there lolll.

right after friday's paper, i headed home for a comfy nap before heading out to town. like i always tell the rest, i'm just eight numbers away, and true enough, well i was free anyway and shopping mood was on. minz :) definitely a perfect day for shopping since i've managed to get myself some yummy stuff - two pretty shades and two denims. it was all worthwhile i guess, even though i'm still pretty bummed over the fact that i've spent half of my allowance this month. we wanted to do some crazy girlie stuff? but didnt know what to, just headed to this carpark available. i wanted to climb onto someone's car and just sit there and capture a few pictures, but apparently, i dont dare. i dont fucking dare. it'll be nasty if the car alarm activates, well do you call that a car alarm? whatever it is, you get what i mean. so just a picture with that damn car for all eyes. there're few more pics at minz's.

well, meet my new friends- my new friends whom i'll hang out with pretty often now and in future. hell yeah to new adventures together! haha.

sat night was cool, we stayed over at harald's, tried to come out with some riffs. our first stayover together, so i thought it was kinda worthy to blog about? alright we had maggi for supper, the guys were trying to get some inspirations and working on some ideas, webcammed with pv , lol funny moments, then stayed awake till the next morning, macs, the guys went to sleep for as long as seven hours, wowww because i dont quite remember when was the last time i slept for over six hours. well but the main thing yesterday which i was all amused was oh because i have no experience and no idea in writing originals, so it actually sounds kinda fun and i'm pretty stoked when they were saying that we'll try to write our own song. but you know, it isnt that easy, though it sounded like child's play. fuck people who think so. but like i said, it was all cool. hopefully we'll be able to come out with some cool stuff, cool lyrical, energetic ones, wow. it would kill haha.

i brought blake over, i used to think that my blake is one of the cutest non living thing, but hanliang showed me that i was wrong. sorry blake, you know mom loves you, but i just cant get over the fact that hanliang's so good. i'm even tempted to get a new guitar, i know im not good in playing or any shit, but yeah, love the sound and all. argh, this is not good.
alright i'll just throw in a couple of pictures before i end my post,

this is random but i realise we all have twitter now,
@zhengning @hellotawei @talksomemao @hanliang_hanns

two more papers to go before i end my midyears.
but for me, i self declared that my exams ended last friday actually. oh wait, i think i self declared that there wasnt even bt, and i'm still having holidays.

July 02, 2009

Pretty face, but the chase ain’t worth the prize.

I’m gonna break your little heart, watch you take a fall, laugh it all the way to the hospital ‘cause there’s nothing surgery can do. I’m gonna break your little heart in two.

Nothing personal's leaked online! yeah i preordered it, but still, i cant help but to download them right away. cant get enough of therapy, sick little games, the party song and keep the change you filthy animal, gonna be on repeat. oh and of course, the first two singles and the rest of the listings. quote gaskarth, "our new record's better than your new shoes." definitely the soundtrack for my lonely nightssss haha, long nights and crazy days that is :)