July 18, 2009

Come Around,

i'm back! not that i'm busy to blog, but my com broke down the other day. so i didnt get to use the com for three whole days! wow and you'd probably know i cant survive without the computer, not even one day really i cant help but to use the com in school, meanwhile hk dramas saved me from boredom. i hate the feeling of you know, feeling disconnected. sigh still got to pay for the repair fees, bad luck is all i can say, well at least my songs and pictures are safe and sound, all thanks to backing up. oh but i cant find the disc to install my printer, crap... which means i cant print anything now. but i'll find a way out soon. i'm zn, if you didnt know.

school's really boring, i have to repeat this so many times. today, i'm in school for eleven hours, yes eleven. which sucks so much because i spent my time longer in school than at home or anywhere else, wtf and we only have one an a half hour break throughout the whole eleven hours, seriously i have so much to complain about my so called perfect timetable. it's so perfect that we could have breaks for as long as three and a half hours and days with lessons for three and a half hours non stop, without any intervals. wow that perfect?

okay i need to sleep, laters!

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