July 30, 2009

Get mad, then get over it.

so today i opened the second slip of paper from the pouchie that jm and cj gave. i hope i wont need to open one more anytime soon though, emomomo girlie only.

today's funny though, despite the part that i actually broke down a little after chem lecture, which was totally embarrassing..... sigh i controlled myself already, but i'm just way too dumb i cant take it! well but my friends are so funny, they came one by one treating me with food lol, guess i've been asking them to treat me too frequently lol. back to some day, i think it's tues, i wanted to skip school because i was late. then wenshit & minz both told me that they'll treat me sushi and drinks if i go to school. hahaha!! joke, but i went in the end, for my freebies lol! oh yeah so what's funny today, i bought toasts! found an empty table, sat down and all, but the wind's too strong and my toast just flew away like literally! flew and landed on the chair. and like what the fuck i cant eat my toast.

gp remedial lesson, my first one today. so i got to be in school for this boring shit every thurs, it ends at 730pm. i'll be staying in sch for exactly 12hours, life of a sajc failure girlie. just got to live with this shitass 'failure' title for another four months though..
before i'm FREEEEEEEE from all these shit. cant wait for that day.

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