July 19, 2009

I see a devil in your left eye and an angel in your right,

school's boring, oh so boring. i spent most of my time in school, either having long breaks, sleeping in boring lectures, or just you know, daydreaming away like i always do. dreaming about going to warped tour to join therefortomorrow, lights and versaemerge! and atl's gonna go on warped tomorrow, and touring in europe next up! just so awesome.. i'll probably be spending next week trying to picture myself at warped chilling and listening to good music.. haha yeah i know im dreaming, pretty sure of it. still, at least im enjoying every second of it, no?

school? i told the rest what's on my mind the other day.
whenever we have to spent long hours in school, we'll wish that school ends right away, and that we can get home soon. but the thing is that whenever we have like, only three hours of lessons that day, we will think that we shouldnt even go to school, why waste our time right. ok so am i right, anybody with me?

had our classphoto taken the other day, so it's gonna appear in our year book which we'll receive next year when we go back to get our results? hahahaha
these are the people who made school a little more enjoyable. i cant imagine how life would be w/o them in school. i think you wont even see me in school lol.

so i got back most of my results, or rather we kinda get a picture of how we did for blocktest2. i failed everything, even math which i did study. quite sure my rankpoint this time round would be less than thirty. nothing much to comment about it actually since i did not put in any effort at all, i didnt even touch chem for the whole holidays, it's like in my bag since the last day of school till school reopened. so i guess if i touch them at least, i wont fail during prelims. im gonna touch them... i cant afford to fail again. i cant.
but something i really have no idea how and what can i do about it - geepee. i love mrs wee, her lessons are pretty interesting, i mean at least i wont fall asleep during her lesson, but i just hate gp.... i cant write for goodness sake! most of the time, i dont understand what the given passage is talking about. even if i understand what the shit is all about, i just cant write and crap my way through all those shit. shat. sigh. geepee, how not to fail you? it's not as if my chinese is damn good or anything, both my language are you know, dog's poo. this sucks, cos im no science inclined or anything. basically, that's as well as good for nothing. wo-ah.

okay forget it, stay cool and love me (L)
hey i love fridays, so much, as well as weekends. it's something i look forward to everyday, like you know the end of the week, you can just dont think about anything and just relax your mind, do the things you like, go jamming, sleep late and wake up late, eat lots of maggi mee. my life.

last friday was well spent, oh after school that is. met up with the girls! i waited a little more than an hour for the three girls to arrive! but thats also because i skipped and left the econs lecture earlier haha, i had good food(even though service sucks) and most of all, awesome company for the evening. not forgetting that the two poly kiddos are really sweet! so jm and cj went on a little mission, the both of them went onto a mission sometime earlier during their break, and made something for the jc kiddos, hy and i!

it's like pretty cool and handy as well. really thoughtful and sweet because i guess what we really need now to fight the battle, other than knowledge and help, is support and motivation like that. i need a lot of motivation, perhaps way way way more than usual people do. i'm a slacker. so the little pouchie definitely works for me..

time to stop bullshitting and start to at least complete my homework. believe it or not, i'm not completed a single tutorial since april or may last year. not a single one.
okay maybe i should just let the trend carry on, i should do revision packages instead. oh yeah baby. let's do it... i hope this feeling last.

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