July 26, 2009

Let me back into...

Into your arms.

I'm falling in love,
But its falling apart,
I need to find my way back to the start..

P.S: John O's fucking handsome, and Kennedy's hot as well!

so i burnt my pocket today, i was shopping alone and whao spent $xxx on just clothes itself. it's good, i got what i wanted to buy long ago. but at the same time, bad, i'm guilty and i'm broke like really broke. it's not as if it's the start of the month where i can get my allowance. what was i thinking? fucking hope that august 1's just tomorrow, i need cash! webcammed with wenshit the other day. so as usual, i switched off my lights and lit up a candle, like how romantic right yeah i know lol. been doing so for quite sometime. actually i was just trying to save electricity, i'm the energy rep in class know? save the earth yo. nah kidding i'm not so nice. but i like candles and i like my room dimmed. so that night, i left it lighted, i forgot to blow it away, lol i'll definitely burn my house down one day.

the ':p' icon on msn... lame you're lame wenshit.

& fftf's recording later in the afternoon! :)
i'm gonna sleep now, definitely an interesting day up ahead. stoked.
goodnight to myself.

1 comment:

WenShi :) said...

i look damn unglam ok?! irritating ):