July 11, 2009

School has been a bore.

not the company, nor the food. we go to shangeri-la everyday k haha, and now that our school sells sushi, pastries, kaya toast, softboiled eggs and mixed rice stall having fried eggs and jap toufu everyday, what more can i ask for? all my favorites. but fuck that we have long breaks, and im really disgusted. to think that the school actually invested a five digit sum of money to construct the perfect timetable for all? so breaks for as long as two and a half hours's perfect for students!! screw the school.

thursday saw me going to school the usual time, and by right school ends at 5.30pm that day. the thing is that we go to school for say what, nine hours? and we only have lessons for like four hours, the rest are just freaking breaks! i start school at 11am, but have to reach at the normal time and that's 7.30am. what the fuck. so every even thursdays would be spent idling, or sleeping in school... i'd rather sleep at home right, what a waste of time going to school..

friday, which was yesterday. the only thing i looked forward to was PE, so we didnt go for pe on thurs, i supposed the rest would be going on friday, somemore it's not in the afternoon or something, i was hoping to play some games which i can sweat like mad. then, who knows only six of us were intending to head for PE, and with six, what else can we play. jesus christ! i cant imagine myself not doing any exercises for the next five months or so, i mean at least you play some games every week right. and the fact that we eat quite a bit and mostly unhealthy stuff, the more we should try our best to you know, move a little? k nevermind, not the main thing i wanna rant.
so yesterday, mrs wee didnt come to school and we had three and a half hours break, look carefully three and a half hours. thats like 210minutes!!! omgwtfbbq right. our first lesson other than pe was at 12.30pm! i'm complaining, yes i am. i hate the new timetable, cant imagine i got to live with it for the next five months. i couldve spent my time doing something wiser! just take away my breaks. sigh life sucks, that much.

didnt take much pictures the past week. but i met goodfrens on wednesday when i had no school, both authentic and non-authentic lol. but yeah i shouldve did homeschooling or just go on holiday like how dan skipped both thursday and friday, dumb i'm like dumb.

someone's making me really confused. i hate it. i really hate it.
i sound like a girl with lots of hatreds in me, that's not true. idk, i think life's really unfair. i miss missing someone dearly. that feeling kind of, disappeared forever, i guess. emomomo, mojojojo.

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