July 06, 2009

Give me therapy,

I'm a walking travesty
But I'm smiling at everything
Therapy, You were never a friend to me
And you can keep all your misery

zn: my mom just came back from truly asia.
jm: truly asia?
zn: malaysia larrrr

i just created a tumblr, not to blog, but to follow a couple of links. so yeah, dont have to stalk me there lolll.

right after friday's paper, i headed home for a comfy nap before heading out to town. like i always tell the rest, i'm just eight numbers away, and true enough, well i was free anyway and shopping mood was on. minz :) definitely a perfect day for shopping since i've managed to get myself some yummy stuff - two pretty shades and two denims. it was all worthwhile i guess, even though i'm still pretty bummed over the fact that i've spent half of my allowance this month. we wanted to do some crazy girlie stuff? but didnt know what to, just headed to this carpark available. i wanted to climb onto someone's car and just sit there and capture a few pictures, but apparently, i dont dare. i dont fucking dare. it'll be nasty if the car alarm activates, well do you call that a car alarm? whatever it is, you get what i mean. so just a picture with that damn car for all eyes. there're few more pics at minz's.

well, meet my new friends- my new friends whom i'll hang out with pretty often now and in future. hell yeah to new adventures together! haha.

sat night was cool, we stayed over at harald's, tried to come out with some riffs. our first stayover together, so i thought it was kinda worthy to blog about? alright we had maggi for supper, the guys were trying to get some inspirations and working on some ideas, webcammed with pv , lol funny moments, then stayed awake till the next morning, macs, the guys went to sleep for as long as seven hours, wowww because i dont quite remember when was the last time i slept for over six hours. well but the main thing yesterday which i was all amused was oh because i have no experience and no idea in writing originals, so it actually sounds kinda fun and i'm pretty stoked when they were saying that we'll try to write our own song. but you know, it isnt that easy, though it sounded like child's play. fuck people who think so. but like i said, it was all cool. hopefully we'll be able to come out with some cool stuff, cool lyrical, energetic ones, wow. it would kill haha.

i brought blake over, i used to think that my blake is one of the cutest non living thing, but hanliang showed me that i was wrong. sorry blake, you know mom loves you, but i just cant get over the fact that hanliang's so good. i'm even tempted to get a new guitar, i know im not good in playing or any shit, but yeah, love the sound and all. argh, this is not good.
alright i'll just throw in a couple of pictures before i end my post,

this is random but i realise we all have twitter now,
@zhengning @hellotawei @talksomemao @hanliang_hanns

two more papers to go before i end my midyears.
but for me, i self declared that my exams ended last friday actually. oh wait, i think i self declared that there wasnt even bt, and i'm still having holidays.


jiaying said...

zhengning has long long hair now!

zhengning said...

haha yeah! :> i still wanna keep it. haha maybe trim a bit here and there sometime.