July 22, 2009

This isn't rocket surgery,

chem 18/100
math 42/100
econs 25/100
gp 41/100

my midyears aka bt2 results for all eyes. i thought for a while before deciding to post this up. nope, no way am i proud of what i've achieved, i fucking flunk it, but this serves as a reminder that i got to start kicking asses and study like smarties out there. do you think i'm up for it? i dont know but right now i know that i have to do something about my fucking results, not a second to waste (think a rocket to the moon) haha.

once a slacker, always a slacker. so i took a rest again today, i mean when have i not been resting. okay i know, i said i got to study, but things aside, i discovered a site where you can dress up a model, it's called looklet. so i kinda dress the models according to what i like - colors + red + tank + leggings, they're really simple and i'm kinda satisfied with what i picked and would love to dress up like those. but where the hell can i get those tights and leggings? love em so much. so please any kind hearted souls, hit me up or share with me where can i get something similar. will love you till death, all my heart.

so once again, my timetable's edited, kinda got a new timetable. it's so disgusting, i'm really pissed with the arrangement and everything. maybe it's because i dont have h1 anymore, but tell me, who actually will have a 5 and a half hours long break a day? yes break, not even lessons! somemore it's you know, continuous. so my first lesson on friday starts from 8am to 9am, and my second would be from 2.30pm to 3.30pm, then school ends for me. oh wow.
by the way, my sch's pretty lame. i cant help but to share this with everyone reading this space, i mean i find this funny. not gonna comment about temperature taking twice everyday which we love to fake our temp readings, as well as the allocated seats in class and in lecture halls which no one kinda follows. now, the school exaggerated the situation by assigning the j1s and j2s fixed seating plans for mealtime. so eighteen years old like us cant even choose where we want to sit. to add on, there's even specific toilets allocated to the j1s and j2s, lol it's really amazing or rather amusing that the school actually think that we give a damn. seriously, i mean if you're urgent or something, do you even care? you just need to pee and poo right.


Shin Fen said...

i got 42 for math too ahahaha

zhengning said...

haah hey! haha jiayou for for promos! haha and i got to jiayou for my a's :X