August 30, 2009


by 30h!3 feat katyperry

haven been blogging in a while, but as usual, im online every single day. so the prelims are here, and its still going on till the 17th of september, ikr that's super long thanks to the one week 'holidays'. two papers down, gp and econs paper one, which i screwed both. gp gg as usual, like i tweeted, gp's a fucking celery! hate it to the core. econs paper one was, speechless. i wanted to study the day before but i fell asleep and didnt wake up till the next day. i know, it's a common storyline but yeah it's happening to me again and again. this better not happen during a-levels, no please.

oh my weekend's great! i mean really great. i'm enjoying all my saturdays and sundays ever since july, which is pretty good although people are telling me to get serious with my work, including my mom now, urgh.
baybeats weekend to begin with:) so i headed to esplanade after my failx100's econs paper on friday, caught some local acts and its awesome, westgrand totally killed it and i think it's gonna be my fave local band, just take a look at the vocalist lol one word - hot. lol! i'll throw in a few pictures below, from harald and ps. and the exdee guy's the guy from campus superstar so long as i remember, he's good. and we were next to forthiscycle's number one fan during his set, that girl's totally a hardcore ftc seriously lol.

last night's great as well, though i didnt head for baybeats. had a nice meal with minz before heading to ymca to check out the orangecove guys, they've got an acoustic set there, and guess who i saw? JACQ! after say four years? since she graduated from ctss. i was like 'that girl's so familiar', and turns out its really her lol. caught up quite a bit, life's really everchanging, we grew so much older hahah thats the main point lol but it's definitely nice seeing someone you've not met in quite a while :)
and it's just as nice meeting new friends, haha the guys are really fun though it was pretty awkward at times but yeah it was cool. hanged out with 3/4 of them till late night and lol they gave us their first k experience, though we felt really bad because they had to pay quite a bit even when they got to leave early, and availability of the songs we listened to are really limited. lol kbox's a con, all the 'plus plus' added up to almost my monthly allowance in total?! gonna boycott it already but yeah we had fun, the guys are really nice and we gonna meet soon, next week! together with the rest of fftf hahahaa. i find it funny that i name us like this here lol. k ended at 4am, and guess who i saw at 4am? kelvin lim! he was at town lol what a time. and the rest of my night was spent with minz at macs before we left town and headed home, thats like around 7am? i actually slept in macs, and minz was reading her book?but i 100% sure that she's asleep now lol!

last weekend was great too. saw me out with weijie on saturday and with my girls on sunday. i sure do love meetups!

seoul garden's buffet made us smelt like seoul garden after that, even the shopkeeper from this random clothing shop could tell. it's a farewell dinner for our dear cj who just flew to china yesterday, she's gonna be in china for one freaking long month... wow. thats actually pretty long. please take care! you know china and all their censorship i guess we cant really see her online actively. hmm then again, wenshit will be flying there for the rest of her life after she get married so that's like okay, one half of her life LOL hi wenshit if you're reading :)

lol and this is the only baybeats pix from my cam:

grabbed from harald and ps,

baybeats day3 tonight! it'll be crowded as hell, since everyone's going for anberlin haha.

idk but i shall just end of with a note. so i'll be singing in school tomorrow, for teachers day. i think chongster's really gonna get it from livingbeyondyourself for letting a j2 participate in teachers day celebration, especially when im still having prelims. whatever but i'm pretty excited, it's the first(and maybe the last time)im singing in school, but i'm afraid that i'll screw it up because of sleeping too late and you know, i'm pretty heaty already. sishood's gonna come to school just for me! :D nice. so yeah. i hope i dont screw it up!

August 22, 2009

Losing it all on these sick little games

it's college day today, but the j2s are not involved at all. poor us, poor us. we cant even have fun together as a school for the last time. sigh but well at least i had fun with the rest of the girls. we are really random, and kinda fun teasing the passerbys walking pass our homeroom. been trying hard to study, but as usual, i tend to focus on my math more because i feel good doing math. i wont feel as demoralized. no, i'm not referring to stats, i fucking hate stats to the core. i need to love it, just got to try and love it during september holidays. then i'm on the right track.

night studying wasnt as productive these days, but i love the fact that our school provides subsidies(hahah shit you econs) so that we have cheap or even free dinner. subway for one fifty, macs for one buckaroos, and packet rice! awesome much. food is definitely one big motivation for us to carry on haha. still, i miss the secondary school days, consistent work really makes a big difference. now, i'm like so dumb? haha.

prelims are here, spreads across four weeks, i thought that was pretty lame. but it's because theres sept holidays in between. two papers next week but still, i'ma gonna perform for teachers day! i'ma playing the guitar and singing as well, but the j2s wont get to catch it at all, because teachers' day concert's just for the j1s, how sad. the j2s lead such an interesting school life huh. i'm quite excited actually, my first performance in school, pretty stoked even though the j2s cant watch. actually i intended to play in front of my friends in the j2 cohort, but i know, not as if they wanna watch. haha everyone's so into studying now. i got to say i'm quite noob still in playing the guitar, definitely nothing compared to the guitar club in school. i just wanna play and have fun as i study, get it?

August 16, 2009

Hit the back of the line,

so the week's starting again, and i dread it totally.
my results are still beyond satisfaction, or rather my progress. i skipped most of my mock papers because i dont want to get demoralized yet again. i'm still trying to get a little momentum so that i can study, ikr at this point of time. im still slacking away and i guess that's just me, i want to be me. yet i'm so not prepared to sit for exams this year, it's gonna hit us all real soon. i need a lot of luck. a lot.
cant wait for prelims to be over (even though i dont quite want it to come either, oh the irony) cant wait for me to get over and done with fucking A lvls which is nothing but crap to me, cant wait to graduate, cant wait to not touch sciences and gp any more, cant wait for prom, cant wait for my birthday, cant wait to work and earn lots of cash, cant wait to go USA, cant wait to go aussie, cant wait to dedicate more time to what i'd wished to do, cant wait for our first gig, cant wait to party and kill the long nights, and the list goes on and on..... it'll never end seriously, so i should just list a few. in short, i cant wait for post As, yay.

CHRISfortomorrow, he's such a beast! so fucking hot. please watch this and tell me how awesome he is.

August 14, 2009

"Give your best till the final whistle!"

william made us write words of encouragement for the whole class (thankyou every single one in s28!) and here's a few i received,

"我要找男人!! HAHAHA STOP IT LA, ZEEAN. 现在,你应该找书本! Study hard, you can do it!!"
"as long as you don't go "我要男人", then i think you'll do well :D"
"eh dont be so obsessed with all the boys then forget to study ah!"
"ZN, alex 的女人 haha. study hard k dont keep facebooking & twittering alr!"
"i know you cannot deny the fact that you are pretty. let's be mugger LOL k study hard. encouraging."

LOL my friends are quite hilarious hahaa, they just made my day <3>

August 09, 2009

Toxic Valentine

gaskarth's hair <3>>

Sex and white lies
Handcuffs and alibis
She lays her halo on the pillow as she sleeps
Her heart beats red wine
My toxic valentine
Lays her halo on the pillow that used to be mine

above's some pictures of alexiegaskarth! the guy i'm dying to have a baby with. haha just kidding :) oh well i managed to sell away my guitar, thanks to D for buying it despite having doubts when trying the sound, you're nice! selling blake wasnt that easy, i got to entertain quite a number of @replies and mails that are rather irritating, i mean i dont mind haggling but please make it reasonable! i have a couple of people asking to to sell it for 150$, what the meow!?! but i'm so sorry blake, momma sold you away.. you've been good to me all most of the time, yet i'm doing this to you, but you know i still love you deep in my heart.

so mom's away, and i cooked dinner for dad and myself tonight. it was...nice, i cooked rice and two side dishes okay! i can cook more than maggi mee, look here haha. who knows i might be a chef in future, but nope i'm not a housewife in making definitely, that's so wenshit! no way am i turning wenshit, i just wanna whip up a decent meal for my love. alright i believe someone will love me soon haha! +ve.

prelims are coming, whoa. everything seems to go really fast, but no worries, i'm still alive and i will survive. i've learnt way too much these past few months, and seen many true colors. there're people who're really nice and are willing to help you wholeheartedly<3> love you all. even so, sadly, i'm still not driven a single bit. like you know i just spent seven hours on tv, non stop. i just open the third slip of paper from the pouchie, and i cant figure out the reason why am i not studying much even though everyone's cheering me on. what's stopping me? come to think of it, it's not the environment, everyone around me is turning into hardcore101 muggers now, like you know how hardcore is hardcore? my thoughts, i dont want to change or turn into someone i hate (i wont want to hate myself), i'll just do what i feel like doing and what i like to. like yesterday, i felt like studying and i did! today i felt like slacking, and hi i'm here.... you get what i mean.
alright though i'm not ready at all as compared to the rest, i promise for the last two exams coming up, i'll give my best shot. and have no regrets later.
even if i fail.

i'll throw in a pic of a guy i fell in love with recently,

such a cute guy! eric halvorsen from arttm!

August 04, 2009


Every day, another one wasted
Every day, you get up and face it
Every day is a chance for redemption
Every day, every day

i know this might not work at all but still, i'm trying my luck for this one:

hi i'm selling away my acoustic guitar for $200(comes with the guitar bag i bought with it). i got it for $279 four months ago from davisguitar and so it's still in a pretty good condition it has a really nice projection and can suit both finger pickers and strummers alike, it too has a wonderful overall balanced sound right out of the box. no pickup system built in.

if it's reasonable, i will lower the price as i need to sell it away urgently.

takamine G440C acoustic guitar features:
* nex cutaway body shape
* spruce top
* mahogany back and sides
* rosewood fretboard
* abalone rosette
* gold tuners
* abalone dots

interested please reach me at pictures are available too, just ask me for it. if not, here's a pic from the web itself - clickhere

August 03, 2009

And I'm wondering where the time went.

Fear Everything, You’re Just A Human.

a few things:

1. it's my nephew's first month yesterday, my little nephew cedric! i dont know why i went around telling people that it's his birthday instead, so i shall correct myself it's his first month, big baby boy.

2. band shoot last friday was nothing less than awesome, the pictures turned out really good and i thought it was pretty amazing! especially when it's the first time i/we go for a photoshoot. got to thank glenn and jr so much. i'm still pretty in the mood heehee. well head to tawei's or flashstop's tumblr for the rest of the pictures, i'm not posting all. so now let me introduce you to fast forward to friday! be sure to support our band k after our myspace and everything's up. smiley face :)

happy faces! smiley.

3. my video on youtube was deleted, demilovato's cover of here we go again. i dont know why and what happened! i dont remember deleting it myself, like why would i actually delete it away right? bummer. there goes my little effort.

4. so i went to collect my items that i got from hopelessrecords! they're finally here. but they kind of made a mistake or something, i didnt get one of the disc i ordered but i got something else instead. most importantly, my nothing personal's here! YOU WERE FAKE I WAS GREAT - NOTHING PERSONAL! hahah yeah but i preordered it say like more than a month ago, it took that long..

5. i'm contemplating whether to go for gp extra lessons still on thursdays or not. i hate it when i felt looked down upon, not as if i'm damn godly or whatsoever and i clearly knew that it's not their intention but you know, i dont like it.

6. chongster have been calling my name so much often than before in class to answer his questions, and i'm down for chem extra lessons for even weeks' mondays. GO ZN GO. haha i'm happy that im down for chem actually, i mean of course i know i will need to go for it, 18/100 yo, but no worries cos imma gonna get a D at least for chem this prelims. watch me.

7. what the fuck is sampling, correlashit and linear regresshit! someone teach me how to use the graphic calculator okay! i need so much help for math right now.

8. national day weekend, WOOHOO. national day celebration's not compulsory for j2s, awesome. which means i'm not going to school at all this friday, and only needa return back to school on tuesday! wethestudents lovelovelove days like that.

9. goodfren's back in school already, she missed me quite a bit actually we all can tell. and my goodfren's nice - i've got a free sushi and a little cheecheongfun from her. wahahaha love it. evonnie, when are you treating me?????? :)

oh by the way, i'm having some dimsum now, for teatime. life of a tai-tai, hahaha! and my school's "little bites"'s really nice, you know i love snacking so much. hey i'm gonna have some fun, some private intensive moment with my chemshit after a good nap, and after a yumilicious dinner i guess. no choice, i've got to do this. i aim for at least an E for every subject for my prelims!
stay cool and eat sushi <3>