August 03, 2009

And I'm wondering where the time went.

Fear Everything, You’re Just A Human.

a few things:

1. it's my nephew's first month yesterday, my little nephew cedric! i dont know why i went around telling people that it's his birthday instead, so i shall correct myself it's his first month, big baby boy.

2. band shoot last friday was nothing less than awesome, the pictures turned out really good and i thought it was pretty amazing! especially when it's the first time i/we go for a photoshoot. got to thank glenn and jr so much. i'm still pretty in the mood heehee. well head to tawei's or flashstop's tumblr for the rest of the pictures, i'm not posting all. so now let me introduce you to fast forward to friday! be sure to support our band k after our myspace and everything's up. smiley face :)

happy faces! smiley.

3. my video on youtube was deleted, demilovato's cover of here we go again. i dont know why and what happened! i dont remember deleting it myself, like why would i actually delete it away right? bummer. there goes my little effort.

4. so i went to collect my items that i got from hopelessrecords! they're finally here. but they kind of made a mistake or something, i didnt get one of the disc i ordered but i got something else instead. most importantly, my nothing personal's here! YOU WERE FAKE I WAS GREAT - NOTHING PERSONAL! hahah yeah but i preordered it say like more than a month ago, it took that long..

5. i'm contemplating whether to go for gp extra lessons still on thursdays or not. i hate it when i felt looked down upon, not as if i'm damn godly or whatsoever and i clearly knew that it's not their intention but you know, i dont like it.

6. chongster have been calling my name so much often than before in class to answer his questions, and i'm down for chem extra lessons for even weeks' mondays. GO ZN GO. haha i'm happy that im down for chem actually, i mean of course i know i will need to go for it, 18/100 yo, but no worries cos imma gonna get a D at least for chem this prelims. watch me.

7. what the fuck is sampling, correlashit and linear regresshit! someone teach me how to use the graphic calculator okay! i need so much help for math right now.

8. national day weekend, WOOHOO. national day celebration's not compulsory for j2s, awesome. which means i'm not going to school at all this friday, and only needa return back to school on tuesday! wethestudents lovelovelove days like that.

9. goodfren's back in school already, she missed me quite a bit actually we all can tell. and my goodfren's nice - i've got a free sushi and a little cheecheongfun from her. wahahaha love it. evonnie, when are you treating me?????? :)

oh by the way, i'm having some dimsum now, for teatime. life of a tai-tai, hahaha! and my school's "little bites"'s really nice, you know i love snacking so much. hey i'm gonna have some fun, some private intensive moment with my chemshit after a good nap, and after a yumilicious dinner i guess. no choice, i've got to do this. i aim for at least an E for every subject for my prelims!
stay cool and eat sushi <3>


Anonymous said...

May i know where you ordered TFT tees?

zhengning said...

oh i got it from

Anonymous said...

Oh so you ship into singapore?

zhengning said...

haha yup i got them all from the web itself, shipped them all over to sg hah

Anonymous said...

Thanks alot :D

zhengning said...

no prob at all :)

cixian said...

hi fren ndp celebrations is actually compulsory but you know, i guess most of them are not coming. great to see that you are motivated to at least pass your prelims. i want to sleep bye!

zhengning said...

so wenshit lied, she should treat me sushi tomorrow. then are you going? haha my fren okay goodnight.

jingmin said...

yay finally see u so motivated after so long! our pounchie got use :D

yilin said...

hey, nice band, nice photos. :) haha, and read from cx's blog that you sang in school?? coolness.

zhengning said...

jingmin: hahah yeah pouchie got use of cos! but i opened three notes alrd~~ hhaah but nvm!

yilin: hello! yeah the pics are so nice right! haha yup i went up lar, for just like a few lines haha, better than nothing though thanks to william lee haha!

graceyeoh said...

omg you have your own band? COOL! ;)

zhengning said...

thanks! haha yup just formed it this year :)