August 04, 2009


Every day, another one wasted
Every day, you get up and face it
Every day is a chance for redemption
Every day, every day

i know this might not work at all but still, i'm trying my luck for this one:

hi i'm selling away my acoustic guitar for $200(comes with the guitar bag i bought with it). i got it for $279 four months ago from davisguitar and so it's still in a pretty good condition it has a really nice projection and can suit both finger pickers and strummers alike, it too has a wonderful overall balanced sound right out of the box. no pickup system built in.

if it's reasonable, i will lower the price as i need to sell it away urgently.

takamine G440C acoustic guitar features:
* nex cutaway body shape
* spruce top
* mahogany back and sides
* rosewood fretboard
* abalone rosette
* gold tuners
* abalone dots

interested please reach me at pictures are available too, just ask me for it. if not, here's a pic from the web itself - clickhere


benboy said...

zn! why you want to sell your guitar?

zhengning said...

yo haha so that i can buy a semi acoustic! :)