August 14, 2009

"Give your best till the final whistle!"

william made us write words of encouragement for the whole class (thankyou every single one in s28!) and here's a few i received,

"我要找男人!! HAHAHA STOP IT LA, ZEEAN. 现在,你应该找书本! Study hard, you can do it!!"
"as long as you don't go "我要男人", then i think you'll do well :D"
"eh dont be so obsessed with all the boys then forget to study ah!"
"ZN, alex 的女人 haha. study hard k dont keep facebooking & twittering alr!"
"i know you cannot deny the fact that you are pretty. let's be mugger LOL k study hard. encouraging."

LOL my friends are quite hilarious hahaa, they just made my day <3>

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