August 16, 2009

Hit the back of the line,

so the week's starting again, and i dread it totally.
my results are still beyond satisfaction, or rather my progress. i skipped most of my mock papers because i dont want to get demoralized yet again. i'm still trying to get a little momentum so that i can study, ikr at this point of time. im still slacking away and i guess that's just me, i want to be me. yet i'm so not prepared to sit for exams this year, it's gonna hit us all real soon. i need a lot of luck. a lot.
cant wait for prelims to be over (even though i dont quite want it to come either, oh the irony) cant wait for me to get over and done with fucking A lvls which is nothing but crap to me, cant wait to graduate, cant wait to not touch sciences and gp any more, cant wait for prom, cant wait for my birthday, cant wait to work and earn lots of cash, cant wait to go USA, cant wait to go aussie, cant wait to dedicate more time to what i'd wished to do, cant wait for our first gig, cant wait to party and kill the long nights, and the list goes on and on..... it'll never end seriously, so i should just list a few. in short, i cant wait for post As, yay.

CHRISfortomorrow, he's such a beast! so fucking hot. please watch this and tell me how awesome he is.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to disturb, but may i know how long does it take for stuff from hopelessrecords to be ready?

zhengning said...

oh hey hah it took about three to four weeks to get the stuffs shipped.

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot :D