August 22, 2009

Losing it all on these sick little games

it's college day today, but the j2s are not involved at all. poor us, poor us. we cant even have fun together as a school for the last time. sigh but well at least i had fun with the rest of the girls. we are really random, and kinda fun teasing the passerbys walking pass our homeroom. been trying hard to study, but as usual, i tend to focus on my math more because i feel good doing math. i wont feel as demoralized. no, i'm not referring to stats, i fucking hate stats to the core. i need to love it, just got to try and love it during september holidays. then i'm on the right track.

night studying wasnt as productive these days, but i love the fact that our school provides subsidies(hahah shit you econs) so that we have cheap or even free dinner. subway for one fifty, macs for one buckaroos, and packet rice! awesome much. food is definitely one big motivation for us to carry on haha. still, i miss the secondary school days, consistent work really makes a big difference. now, i'm like so dumb? haha.

prelims are here, spreads across four weeks, i thought that was pretty lame. but it's because theres sept holidays in between. two papers next week but still, i'ma gonna perform for teachers day! i'ma playing the guitar and singing as well, but the j2s wont get to catch it at all, because teachers' day concert's just for the j1s, how sad. the j2s lead such an interesting school life huh. i'm quite excited actually, my first performance in school, pretty stoked even though the j2s cant watch. actually i intended to play in front of my friends in the j2 cohort, but i know, not as if they wanna watch. haha everyone's so into studying now. i got to say i'm quite noob still in playing the guitar, definitely nothing compared to the guitar club in school. i just wanna play and have fun as i study, get it?

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