August 30, 2009


by 30h!3 feat katyperry

haven been blogging in a while, but as usual, im online every single day. so the prelims are here, and its still going on till the 17th of september, ikr that's super long thanks to the one week 'holidays'. two papers down, gp and econs paper one, which i screwed both. gp gg as usual, like i tweeted, gp's a fucking celery! hate it to the core. econs paper one was, speechless. i wanted to study the day before but i fell asleep and didnt wake up till the next day. i know, it's a common storyline but yeah it's happening to me again and again. this better not happen during a-levels, no please.

oh my weekend's great! i mean really great. i'm enjoying all my saturdays and sundays ever since july, which is pretty good although people are telling me to get serious with my work, including my mom now, urgh.
baybeats weekend to begin with:) so i headed to esplanade after my failx100's econs paper on friday, caught some local acts and its awesome, westgrand totally killed it and i think it's gonna be my fave local band, just take a look at the vocalist lol one word - hot. lol! i'll throw in a few pictures below, from harald and ps. and the exdee guy's the guy from campus superstar so long as i remember, he's good. and we were next to forthiscycle's number one fan during his set, that girl's totally a hardcore ftc seriously lol.

last night's great as well, though i didnt head for baybeats. had a nice meal with minz before heading to ymca to check out the orangecove guys, they've got an acoustic set there, and guess who i saw? JACQ! after say four years? since she graduated from ctss. i was like 'that girl's so familiar', and turns out its really her lol. caught up quite a bit, life's really everchanging, we grew so much older hahah thats the main point lol but it's definitely nice seeing someone you've not met in quite a while :)
and it's just as nice meeting new friends, haha the guys are really fun though it was pretty awkward at times but yeah it was cool. hanged out with 3/4 of them till late night and lol they gave us their first k experience, though we felt really bad because they had to pay quite a bit even when they got to leave early, and availability of the songs we listened to are really limited. lol kbox's a con, all the 'plus plus' added up to almost my monthly allowance in total?! gonna boycott it already but yeah we had fun, the guys are really nice and we gonna meet soon, next week! together with the rest of fftf hahahaa. i find it funny that i name us like this here lol. k ended at 4am, and guess who i saw at 4am? kelvin lim! he was at town lol what a time. and the rest of my night was spent with minz at macs before we left town and headed home, thats like around 7am? i actually slept in macs, and minz was reading her book?but i 100% sure that she's asleep now lol!

last weekend was great too. saw me out with weijie on saturday and with my girls on sunday. i sure do love meetups!

seoul garden's buffet made us smelt like seoul garden after that, even the shopkeeper from this random clothing shop could tell. it's a farewell dinner for our dear cj who just flew to china yesterday, she's gonna be in china for one freaking long month... wow. thats actually pretty long. please take care! you know china and all their censorship i guess we cant really see her online actively. hmm then again, wenshit will be flying there for the rest of her life after she get married so that's like okay, one half of her life LOL hi wenshit if you're reading :)

lol and this is the only baybeats pix from my cam:

grabbed from harald and ps,

baybeats day3 tonight! it'll be crowded as hell, since everyone's going for anberlin haha.

idk but i shall just end of with a note. so i'll be singing in school tomorrow, for teachers day. i think chongster's really gonna get it from livingbeyondyourself for letting a j2 participate in teachers day celebration, especially when im still having prelims. whatever but i'm pretty excited, it's the first(and maybe the last time)im singing in school, but i'm afraid that i'll screw it up because of sleeping too late and you know, i'm pretty heaty already. sishood's gonna come to school just for me! :D nice. so yeah. i hope i dont screw it up!


WenShi :) said...

yea ngzn.i AM reading.TSK TSK! haha.ok.u better rest ur voice.cya ming tian! (:

zhengning said...

hi tanwenshit!! hahah good that you read it, haha not bad seh you quite caring ah! not bad, next time go china all the best.
hahah okay ming tian!

Vivien said...


zhengning said...

vien! :D

HH said...

is that korean food? where is it? :D

zhengning said...

oh theres korean and jap food, as well as other random stuff haha. hmm but not really authentic korean food lar haha. it's at parkmall! basement ahaha. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey girl, what happens when you don't graduate? What happens if you retain and have to retake your A levels again? Doesn't that defeat the entire purpose of going to a jc? You need to buck up. You're ruining yourself.

zhengning said...

hey i have no idea who are you, but thanks for the concern, i really appreciated it. i will think thru life again..