August 09, 2009

Toxic Valentine

gaskarth's hair <3>>

Sex and white lies
Handcuffs and alibis
She lays her halo on the pillow as she sleeps
Her heart beats red wine
My toxic valentine
Lays her halo on the pillow that used to be mine

above's some pictures of alexiegaskarth! the guy i'm dying to have a baby with. haha just kidding :) oh well i managed to sell away my guitar, thanks to D for buying it despite having doubts when trying the sound, you're nice! selling blake wasnt that easy, i got to entertain quite a number of @replies and mails that are rather irritating, i mean i dont mind haggling but please make it reasonable! i have a couple of people asking to to sell it for 150$, what the meow!?! but i'm so sorry blake, momma sold you away.. you've been good to me all most of the time, yet i'm doing this to you, but you know i still love you deep in my heart.

so mom's away, and i cooked dinner for dad and myself tonight. it was...nice, i cooked rice and two side dishes okay! i can cook more than maggi mee, look here haha. who knows i might be a chef in future, but nope i'm not a housewife in making definitely, that's so wenshit! no way am i turning wenshit, i just wanna whip up a decent meal for my love. alright i believe someone will love me soon haha! +ve.

prelims are coming, whoa. everything seems to go really fast, but no worries, i'm still alive and i will survive. i've learnt way too much these past few months, and seen many true colors. there're people who're really nice and are willing to help you wholeheartedly<3> love you all. even so, sadly, i'm still not driven a single bit. like you know i just spent seven hours on tv, non stop. i just open the third slip of paper from the pouchie, and i cant figure out the reason why am i not studying much even though everyone's cheering me on. what's stopping me? come to think of it, it's not the environment, everyone around me is turning into hardcore101 muggers now, like you know how hardcore is hardcore? my thoughts, i dont want to change or turn into someone i hate (i wont want to hate myself), i'll just do what i feel like doing and what i like to. like yesterday, i felt like studying and i did! today i felt like slacking, and hi i'm here.... you get what i mean.
alright though i'm not ready at all as compared to the rest, i promise for the last two exams coming up, i'll give my best shot. and have no regrets later.
even if i fail.

i'll throw in a pic of a guy i fell in love with recently,

such a cute guy! eric halvorsen from arttm!

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