September 29, 2009

Name: zhengning
Date: 9/28/2009
Colorgenics Number: 36407521

You appear to others around you as a person who is simply 'laid back'. From time to time you shelve your ambitions and forgo the desire for prestige and recognition and you are often considered as mentally lazy. You have the ability and you are the first to know this, but you prefer to take things easy and indulge your longing for comfort and security.

You are full of stress at this time. It would seem that you are having more than your fair share of trials and tribulations and you are looking for a way out. You are not quite sure which way to go but the advice is - 'Stop trying so hard'.

Conditions are rather confusing at this time. You would like to involved with a particular person or a particular situation butyou are holding back. You find it difficult to make a decision.

At this moment in time you feel as if you have lost the strength of will to contend with existing problems and difficulties which appear to you as deliberate opposition. You are trying to stand your ground but the pressures are intolerable. You would like some co-operation from those around you but it's not forthcoming so you feel that, in its absence, there is nothing you can do to improve the current situation. You would like nothing better than to 'get away from it all'.

Anxiety and a restless antagonism, as a result of unfulfilled emotional needs, has resulted in considerable stress. You are trying to overcome this by working and playing extremely hard - but at all times you have your future in mind. You are a worker and as a result of your inherent enthusiasm you cannot fail.

this is so creepy and true.

September 23, 2009

i hate my negative shit,

i'm not supposed to be a pessimist.
i tried to hold my tears back in school, but i cant help it. i cried, three times today. so fucking detest myself for being so negative, but i just cant help thinking about the flip side. i've failed so badly once again. my results, SUU for 3H2s, i'm getting low Us and i failed gp as usual. prelims, failed me. i expected it all - my horrendous results. i'm alright with it since i know that's what i should get as well, i did not put in effort to help myself get any grades higher than U. i'm supposed to learn from my mistake and not to slack anymore, or should actually get angry with myself, but no. whats going through my mind; i felt dumb, i felt stupid, i felt like a completely airhead, you know, i have zero knowledge in my brain, and how am i suppose to go in the exam hall in forty odd days? are you fucking kidding me? i'm fucked up aint i?
but i'm okay seriously, i just have quite a bit going through my mind.

seriously, i have completely no idea of when will i start showing and making effort to help myself pull through this shit. SUU, wowsome shit. a levels, i hate you so badly. you're causing me to becoming a pessimist! i'm gonna kill you, i dont know whether a month's time is enough for me to get you down, but i guess i'll have to give it a try. i have to, this time. (i know this is not convincing at all, i've been saying this since j1 - well you know talk is cheap) alright i should stop this negative shit. cmon it's just forty odd days more, why cant i just mug the shit out of myself? push me.

i'm alright seriously, i just need to rant.

i'll throw in some happy pictures from last sunday, with @_lovehatehero, fleatitan in the afternoon, saw many familiar faces at the flea as well, rachael! then we roamed around the city before settling at marina at night. our pact's gonna work out for sure. let's do this shit together!!!!!!!~~! :)

September 19, 2009

I never really ever know what to say,

as usual, timelag101. im somewhat late with all my pictures, posts, and everything. alright whats up this week, so yeah prelims. bad, it's just so bad. i guessed i kinda frightened my friends quite a bit with my reactions and perhaps a 'dont talk to me now i need some peaceeee' look after the papers. i know, haha but gah i'm always like that. gonna change it, hate that face too. im so fucking screwed. ah, well looking at the bright side, prelims are over.
yeah, its over. its over

we sorta had a mini class outing after our last paper, well more than half of the class though, dined at kim gary hk cafe - awesome price. i had yuanyang tea, together w a big portion of mee, with fried dumplings, ham, egg, two sausages, chickenwings, and lots of veg for just $7.90, and we added a few cents for the chilled drinks, awesome or not? and we even have bosco baby's company while we eat, what more can we ask for? LOL i'll throw in some pics of the yums. alright, went shopping w the girls thereafter, we made such a din at erm all the shops we visited, lol girls aloud.
headed to ma's house right after that with wshit and mins for some karaoke session, stayed over as well. it's my first visit to ma's and hey her whole family's so friendly and funny, that was nice. even her maid, who stopped mopping the floor and waved hello to me when she spotted me walking around lol. we caught feng ge on television that night as well, before karaoke session till midnight(know what, i so need a karaoke set at home!!! argh) and some chatterily-chatterish-chatty-chatterboxer chat, nice. we actually turned in at 6am? haha. and a few hours later saw us with @cixian for some random shopping again, ahha LG, life's good. lol

LOL goodfren?

s28 girlies

at ma's,

lol i'm constantly moving

i think they're singing to some happy songs? lol

wshit i wanna kill youuu!!!! gah
a handful of pictures from last week, camwhoring begins when you have a macbook with you lol so the four of us - kenneth, ben, mins and myself chilled out at lasalle's 15mins the other day,haha killz time seriously, and man i need to eat at that cafe one day, the food looks so good eh.. lol greedy shit.

@zhengning @_lovehatehero
ima gonna hang out with this girlie again tmr!

September 14, 2009

Concert of the decade,

but it's not in singapore, sadly :(

September 12, 2009

Ten million fireflies,

woooo holidays! a week and it's coming to an end already, the last time i studied was actually monday, i know i'm gonna flunk my four papers next week lol. but okay we shall be +ve, im gonna try studying after lunch and the whole of tomorrow, will see how it goes. but hey i had so much fun this week :> pardon me, i haven been blogging for a while, and i have so much to update. i want to pen everything down so this post's gonna be rather random and messy.... oh well i spent my monday at tpy, and my tuesday baking as well as roaming around lot one with bestie evonnie (@evonlock)! lol, i'm a twitter addict seriously, bestie's so sweet she actually baked a cake for her friend and cooked me lunch. then wednesday was my cousin's engagement and thursday and friday, sweet, minz stayed over for two fucking nights, and yesterday we caught a movie together with kenneth and ben! six hours of hanging out was definitely sweet. haha will blog about it soon w pictures i guess.
finally gotten the pictures from fb, and & happy 19th wtfmellow! last saturday was celebrating mel's birthday with her friends as well as the rest of the usual hangouts. (i know im a week late but still..) it was cute, so tawei and mel's friends planned some stuff for the day, we had to blow the balloons and place them in some random shops for mel to collect them all. dinner at astons, food was awesome as usual, but hey we got to wear pajamas while eating lol thought it pretty embarrassing for the guys haha

and last week was insane. we went jamming three days in a row, and the next day was our first ever show. wow so i actually met the guys four days straight, like right after my papers before hols, nice. thanks so much my girls and arison for coming down, and waking up so early as well, though i myself didnt quite put up a good show. like what i said in my previous post, we didnt get to play all five songs that we actually prepared, but still, at least we had so much fun playing the first two songs and meeting new friends! :) and we're really alright w it. looking forward to the next one and i assure, i wont sing as bad already.. hmmm alright.
headed to whattheflea with wenshit, and minz thereafter and it's really whatthef, seriously lol.. but i got to meet samantha after say what, three years? time flies. i'll throw in a few pictures from last sunday, credits to everyone who uploaded the pics to fb.

fiona and myself! long time no see indeed!
from harald's cam:
oh and teachers day performance that day, 2 weeks back? yup was sweet. my friends actually came down to watch me play and sing even when there's no school :) sihui, goodfren, minz, wshit, kshit, ma, mar, cess, vien, antoshit and dashingdutt! yay (L) but as usual, i screwed up mostly when i had to perform, sigh. i made mistakes, like strumming the wrong chords and all. but i hope it's not too bad though.. oh and theres a cool pic i got from vien!

erm constipation 101 though. hahaha!
then it was an impromptu foodie/attempting to study trip with wshit, minz, mar, and cess. free flow of drinks & icecream, awesome or not? and we paid like less than ten? and actually it's less than nine, less than eight... haha it's seriously fucking cheap. go figure it out yourself!

090909, my cousin got engaged! so we headed to his place to witness the whole engagement thingy, and i actually saw yingying's elder sister. i told you, singapore isnt big already, everyone's linked to each other like somehow. so her sister's bf is the bride's good friend or some sort. my cousin's only 22, and for a guy, i thought that's pretty young an age. i'm 17 now, my fellow friends who are 17 now, i cant imagine themselves getting married in 5 years time seriously? but my cousin's a coolio and he's like a sweet bf haha aw.. bliss!

oh and my mozilla firefox's making me mad.. it's responding so slowly to whatever websites, and it's not my com's connection problem. i cant go to facebook and even youtube now?! it's just mozilla. works perfectly ok in IE but i kind of discriminates IE, so.. hey should i abandon firebox and go for google chrome? well.. i think i should! bai