September 19, 2009

I never really ever know what to say,

as usual, timelag101. im somewhat late with all my pictures, posts, and everything. alright whats up this week, so yeah prelims. bad, it's just so bad. i guessed i kinda frightened my friends quite a bit with my reactions and perhaps a 'dont talk to me now i need some peaceeee' look after the papers. i know, haha but gah i'm always like that. gonna change it, hate that face too. im so fucking screwed. ah, well looking at the bright side, prelims are over.
yeah, its over. its over

we sorta had a mini class outing after our last paper, well more than half of the class though, dined at kim gary hk cafe - awesome price. i had yuanyang tea, together w a big portion of mee, with fried dumplings, ham, egg, two sausages, chickenwings, and lots of veg for just $7.90, and we added a few cents for the chilled drinks, awesome or not? and we even have bosco baby's company while we eat, what more can we ask for? LOL i'll throw in some pics of the yums. alright, went shopping w the girls thereafter, we made such a din at erm all the shops we visited, lol girls aloud.
headed to ma's house right after that with wshit and mins for some karaoke session, stayed over as well. it's my first visit to ma's and hey her whole family's so friendly and funny, that was nice. even her maid, who stopped mopping the floor and waved hello to me when she spotted me walking around lol. we caught feng ge on television that night as well, before karaoke session till midnight(know what, i so need a karaoke set at home!!! argh) and some chatterily-chatterish-chatty-chatterboxer chat, nice. we actually turned in at 6am? haha. and a few hours later saw us with @cixian for some random shopping again, ahha LG, life's good. lol

LOL goodfren?

s28 girlies

at ma's,

lol i'm constantly moving

i think they're singing to some happy songs? lol

wshit i wanna kill youuu!!!! gah
a handful of pictures from last week, camwhoring begins when you have a macbook with you lol so the four of us - kenneth, ben, mins and myself chilled out at lasalle's 15mins the other day,haha killz time seriously, and man i need to eat at that cafe one day, the food looks so good eh.. lol greedy shit.

@zhengning @_lovehatehero
ima gonna hang out with this girlie again tmr!

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