September 08, 2009

Just give me one more minute,

hey that's us, fftf! haha and christie! we were at clarkequay last sunday, ah well we didnt get to sing all the five songs we prepared (because the management actually said that we were too loud - then what for the drums?) but well it's the process that matters, we had fun! right? thank you my girls for coming down, ahaha ultraspeedy flying kisses for you all! :>

alright as for the vid above, dont expect too much from me, it's kinda disappointing.
i pretty much sucked that day, poor vocals and everything. off key so many times, cant reach high notes, poor pronunciation, cant manage the microphone well... you can actually spot the mistakes out so easily, and thats so bad. but my guys were so awesome! thats hard work and it paid off!

vox sucks so bad.
but rest assured, there will be nothing like that anymore....! :(


Audrayye .N said...

wow the climax is at the bridge! And you did great! :D

zhengning said...

hahah thanks aud! :)