October 07, 2009

Chasing after the summer's sun,

sunday saw myself at botanical garden, together with mins, kenneth and sean. say yay to picnic! so mins, yes she and her motherly self, she cooked us pasta and brought fruits. the guys too, got some snacks and drink, and im like the only one empty handed. headed over to town thereafter for dinner, shopping and just hanging out, nice. awesome company! i wish i'd speak more though, but nevertheless, i had so much fun as usual :)

today, i gave school a miss again, wanted to study on my own. but failed plan as usual, i woke up so late, took my own sweet time eating and watching videos on youtube, tried to play a few songs on guitar, and here i am instead of facing the books?
c'mon zn, no one's gonna help you if you dont help yourself, face it, you dont have time anymore..


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zhengning said...

hey wt, thanks! and i saw the offline msg the other day you left, msged you the other day but not too sure if you did receive it, still, i got to thank you so much, felt so much better after reading those offline msgs, 10q! :) jiayou jiayou as well

Anonymous said...

Yup I've received your texts. R u sure you felt better? I thought I was super naggy! But anw jiayou! It's coming to an end and soooooon you r moving on to the next EGGCITING phase of your life:)