October 16, 2009

Class of 2009

so today was farewell assembly for the j2s, and it marks the last day of official jc life. it's so scary how two years passed by just like that, freaking fast. these two years - definitely an emotional roller coaster ride for me, well think hard about it. no one is here by chance, i realise it. throughout my whole jc journey, i've cried my eyes out so much over failures, but too, i've had so much fun, lots of laughter surrounding me all day. this assembly aint just another assembly. we're gonna be on our own..

frankly speaking, i thought farewell assembly's gonna be speeches, lots and lots of speeches, and lots more speeches, didnt expect much but the speeches were oh so true, though a bit dull, they all made sense. mr chong's gonna be our mandai zookeeper forever as always! i hope i wont let him down, like too much. it's so funny and sweet how the teachers from various departments came up with all the interesting videos just to encourage us and wish us all well for our future, cant stop laughing at the pe department's, awesome. awesome class videos as well from the fellow j2s, simply heartwarming. our j2 journey were reflected through some vids too, and they certainly reminded me of the really fun times we all had, pretty nostalgic. then, we sung the college hymn for the last time together, with arms linked with each other, it was nice.

come again, these past two years had been awesome. i'm blessed with great classmates, school mates and really nice teachers(though sometimes they really pissed me off!) definitely made long lasting friends, so fortunate to have found myself in sishood, i would have suffered from depression w/o you girls, as well as my classmates, pretty awesome down to earth peeps :) too, i've learnt so much, gained so much, shared moments of both joy and sorrow with all. to think that i had never thought of going SA before gotten my o level results two years back, well i have no regrets spending my jc life in SA, even though jc aint my cut, which im pretty sure of it now. im pretty sure im proud to be a saint :) and hey i'll sure miss the food! no more awesome cheap yet deli malay food, no more fishball noodles, and yes my sentosa mian - hor fun! haha. i'll miss being late for school, all the making fun of teachers lol, stoning at the caf, going gaga over our eyecandies(lol damn girly), the exciting rugby and soccer matches, not forgetting taking 966 with ong goodfren everyday to and from sch, walking along the slope past chapel of resurrection, sas, the synthetic field and jacob ballas bridge..

i'm gonna miss everyone. seriously, i dont have many friends in sajc other than sishood, my classmates and some cca mates. that's all, ha. i should've be more sociable and get to know my sch mates as well, now that its too late?? :( still, i'm gonna miss the whole cohort - even people whom i've never talked to before, people standing next to me during morning assemblies! - you know, familiar faces? i'll miss seeing familiar faces around

one family unbroken. just a few weeks more, endure fellow saints!

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