October 03, 2009

Next time you point a finger, i'll point you to the mirror.

i haven been blogging regularly, though i'm online every night. more active on twitter and fb, well because i'm lazy, and because i feel like there is no point in writing and writing about how a levels freak the shit out of me, it's preoccupying me lately. but well that's just one dumb excuse. i shouldnt be neglecting this place, i should be posting happy pictures! like you know, i'm enjoying while doing this shit, and i still have a life.

i'm so addicted to mayday parade's new record, not forgetting paramore's!
ah just so awesome <3>

school is almost over and things are happening and they're happening fast.
a levels, nonsense taking up my time. 30 odd days more, and i need not go to school anymore. and yay i've got so much things to do! tell me about it, who dont anticipate for that day to come? i'm kinda lucky, i start my papers later than most of the j2s in singapore, and yet i end earlier as well because i dont take to take h1 and i dont study physics! this shit is good, to some extent. self proclaimed that i've graduated from college, skipped school three times this week already. i've been hanging out pretty often at clarkequay, let me see, i went there four out of five times during the weekdays this week! clarkequay yeah for the party people, but hey i went there to....study. i mean it's so quiet there during the day, and pretty condusive and comfy as well, though i take some time to travel to and fro, i still recommend that place lol so if you spot me somewhere ard central mall, studying, dont freak out. i mean i got to because i'm so weak.

alright so last week, i had fun! saturday saw me at pv's (paranoid vision) gig at the gossipbar. mins came along as well! it's the whole lot of us! pvpvpv, it's nice watching your friends play at a gig. i wonder if my friends felt the same? pv's awesome group of people who i hang out after jamming every week, alright check them out at their myspace! went to stayover at mins that day, impromptu always work. we caught a movie, camwhored as usual, and played dressing up! it was so fun, i can see myself stayovering sometime this month again haha.

i kept calling it giraffieee, i didnt realise that was a cow.

we love wenshit!! (L)


sex hairrrr

went for some yummy sakura buffet together w my whole family right after the stayover, it was my aunt's birthday! happy belated er gu! :) think sashimi, food, and more food, and much more food, happy faces all day long, baby charmaine! (but she totally didnt like me...!!)

love of my life....!

got to enjoy the my weekends before school starts on monday, wait, what lessons are there? gp, econs lect and math lect... wth? lol. skippyyy. skipppyyyy?
nevermind, time for some testi shit, and oh we're going for a picnic tomorrow!! :)


Nik said...

Ola, really a big thank you for being a follower of The Fresh Milk Club! Greatly appreciated! Btw nice "Fangs Up" profile picture. We will definately have an issue on FueledByRamen bands so yea. Thanks alot anw!

Anonymous said...

hey girl, you need to concentrate real hard. are u going to wake up only after u get ur a's results??? that will be too late...

zhengning said...

nik: hey nah, you guys are all cool to be posting on good music, so yeah, i should play my part by following. and thanks! im a fan of cobra as well. awesome! will be waiting for that issue!

anoy: thanks for ya concern, (L) i know it and wont want to disappoint as well..