October 11, 2009

Take Off Your Colors,

cj's back from china, harald's back from cambodia and hl's gonna be back from usa in say about half an hour's time? awesome. so we met up with cj today, finally! it's been weeks, definitely did miss her a lot! and yup good food, i mean today's really worthy, we ate so many plates of sashimi! sashimi's my baby baby. it's nice hearing stories about other countries but frustrating as well when you get to hear how shitty some people can get. i must constantly remind myself that im really fortunate that im living in singapore, (even though i'm always complaining why aint i born in the states) lol. i'll get the pictures from jm soon, and idk why my skills are like that bad suddenly, sigh. welcome back cj!! :>

i'll throw in some pictures from last week,
had pontian with ong goodfren! pontian's another baby, but pontian in chinese seriously made me lol-ed.

goodfren came over to bake some cookies for hongfren yesterday. aint she sweet?? but she's sweet like for only once a year. LOL my fren :> give you a smiley hahaha!
wait, i think she's sweet for twice a year, i forgot about valentines day haha, alright twice a year :>


goodfren said...


Jx said...

It's been so long and your blog is still without a tagboard. :(

zhengning said...

goodfren: hhaha now you can blog! :) thats it

jx: ahah but you can talk to me from comment on my blog posts :)