November 30, 2009

I dont wanna deny my heart it's chance to feel,

new strings for my guitar and hence a new coverrr haha, it's kinda weird for me to put my own video in my blog, idk but i just think so.. erm as usual, lots of errors.

alright so life's treating me pretty well, i met up with ying finally, went out for prom shopping though i've not gotten anything still (time's running out!), met up with my bandmates ^^ i missed them all so much! went over to harald's crib as well the other day for some writing with the guys though progress's really slow, we managed to settle down with a couple of new cool riff, did a band interview/shoot thingy too on saturday for a friend's school project, it was so fun! felt as if we're really big kinda thing, like ftsk or atl you know, lol what a nice feeling haha. good thing is that we got to know our aim better as well, its good. i'll post pictures soon, after i've got the pics. imma head out to meet bestie to hang now, then class outing in the late afternoon, and i'll meet my three favorite girls jm, cj and hy for a movieeeee too! life's good, isnt it? :>

November 24, 2009

We own the night,

i've been watching lots of clips online, argh ok i need life lol. so our last paper yesterday was horrendously done though, i(we all) couldnt finish but lets not give a damn anymore, so i tore my entry proof and i ditched that a levels crap, never liked it.

my blog's pictures-lacking for the past month, but it wont be anymore! photo spams i assure. imma gonna have fun fun fun, im actually looking forward to whats up and coming for me the next few months without school haha, i have no idea how to plan for these few months, i just know that i want to do lots of stuff. but first, i'd love to clear my books, clean my room and revamp the room of course, then i'll need to shop for my prom dress! hmm

so we celebrated wenshit's and cord's birthday last night! it was belated though, since their birthdays were actually somewhere during the a's. alright so we planned the surprise beforehand, with kshit following wshit back home after school while some of us went to ma's place earlier. oh and the cast(ma bestie mins and i) had to put up a show, plan was that mins and i quarreled and i stomped off the room with ma chasing behind me, while i'll go set up the birthday cake and all. then bestie and mins will stay in the room with the rest, kinda feeling that she's in the wrong and all then they'll come look for me lol. okay kinda hard to imagine the scenario here, especially when i cant really describe things oh well. the last minute change of plan worked out too! so mins stomped in the room instead and questioning me about smth i did, haha she looked as if she's fuming mad haha wtf coolz :)

it was definitely a fun night with my sishood, bestie, cords and tingjie!
karaoke, mad dancing, oh-so-funny mama's pa, wine, mahjongggg, birthday surprise(haha and wshit actually cried), endless laughter, pizza, and more pizza, and of course the awesome company. me being me, woke up the latest haha when the rest already cleared the room liaossxxz.

headed out on saturday as well, and did some shopping at hajilane/bugis w my girls. well but it was bad hair day for me. i need to get my hair trimmed soonish. went to soka to catch orangecove's showcase that night haa well the guys were thumbs up as usual, but idk i have something against the song 'nobody' actually, lol didnt quite enjoy that but damned if i do ya's pretty awesome. i guess all time low will definitely be proud of the guys, hah!

so the three of them bought blazers, looks kinda classy huh?
we too put on the blazers and we looked like.... hmm
lol too big for wshit
guan yin ma

anyway mins's my sista nao okay i know right i'll try not to take too much an advantage from that hahhaaaa

November 22, 2009

Freedom smells like.....

a fingerlickin' good kentucky fried chicken's upsized chicky meal with an apple, topped up with pastamania's cheesy cheese with macdonald's happy meal toy, oh yay fucking good
haha actually thats bullshit i dont really like kfc lolz

alright so finally the big burden's off my shoulder (though i have one last mcq paper left) well just a little exams update over here. i just wanna pen down some stuff, after this whole a levels bullshit, you might not want to read if you're an a level student as well, or you might not wish to hear anymore a levels's crap, i totally understand how you feel, so you might want to skip the lower portion?

so the past few weeks, i've been in constant shock lol alright not that serious, but i kinda scare the hell outta myself every now and then due to too much procrastination and my mind just tells me not to touch my stuff, and i eventually did not, then i'll freak out at night hha and freaking out during exams was just so not to ask for. idk, so i gave up halfway during a few papers, leaving more than half of two papers blank, and completely didnt hand in an econs essay. wtf right for doing that during a levels? this year's papers are just so.. creative, and im somewhat dumbfounded. i kinda deserve it for slacking through my two jc years, but i dont really care since it's overrr, twelve years of education woohoo it's coming to an end finally. i wouldnt want to retake a levels anymore if i have to since i know i might fail, or i failed already. but no way am i retaking, i'm fucking scared to go through this cycle all over again and i wouldnt dare to. sigh lets just hope that the bell curve would do me some miracle. really, i just want an all Es, or even better, Ds and Cs.. thats just what i ask for. i dont wanna fail.

well, im so glad a's fucking over!

just wanna thank all my friends to be with me during these hectic period, days when i completely lose hope, days when i feel like giving up, you people are always here for me, praying for me, helping me in every area, little messages and phone calls checking me out every here and then assuring that im alright, goodluck msges, asking me out to study and teach me as much as i can absorb still - im really fortunate to have the nicest friends in the world,
though i'm such a letdown.

scratch that. i shall just leave it to till results day huh? and leave all other plans to there and then. oh and dont talk to me any shitz about a levels, i dont wanna talk about it anymore. so yup, keep that in mind haha.

liberation for now :)

November 11, 2009


just over the moon right now despite the fact that i screwed up all my papers so far. we are the in crowd's signed to hopeless records! this is indeed the bestest stuff i've hear all day, kind of excited for them! i started listening to we are the in crowd (they were previously known as the in crowd, i liked that name better though) ever since easy, and this isnt rocket surgery, thats ever since they started last year. they really deserved to get signed. fucking love easy, it's super catchy, i posted the track up in my previous post sometime ago. think hopeless, along with bands like all time low and there for tomorrow! conclusion? hopeless always signs the best bands. i'm a happy girl nao.

so this is wearetheincrowd (pop rock/powerpop)
have a listen!

November 07, 2009

The Authors

they're letting their eyes cross
cuz they don't know, they don't know what we know
that these lights are only here to lead us in the wrong direction
or to a false impression

impact is up to us

and it's all these days that kept us so far away
we can break out of this name
we could give ourselves meaning
we were never sorry for the choices that we made
not to sing in your name, but what is faith?

not in the mood to chase, not after these things will never change
a small claim to the stories we've told
who says we're wrong?
with waking arms we stood so strong

impact is inevitable, and it's up to us

i hope i'm not the only one with these words sitting on my tongue
(i'm not afraid to say this) only drowning men could see
and that's not enough for me

oh, what is faith?

15 days more, i cant fucking wait for life after a's.
stay happyyyyzzzzxxx.