November 22, 2009

Freedom smells like.....

a fingerlickin' good kentucky fried chicken's upsized chicky meal with an apple, topped up with pastamania's cheesy cheese with macdonald's happy meal toy, oh yay fucking good
haha actually thats bullshit i dont really like kfc lolz

alright so finally the big burden's off my shoulder (though i have one last mcq paper left) well just a little exams update over here. i just wanna pen down some stuff, after this whole a levels bullshit, you might not want to read if you're an a level student as well, or you might not wish to hear anymore a levels's crap, i totally understand how you feel, so you might want to skip the lower portion?

so the past few weeks, i've been in constant shock lol alright not that serious, but i kinda scare the hell outta myself every now and then due to too much procrastination and my mind just tells me not to touch my stuff, and i eventually did not, then i'll freak out at night hha and freaking out during exams was just so not to ask for. idk, so i gave up halfway during a few papers, leaving more than half of two papers blank, and completely didnt hand in an econs essay. wtf right for doing that during a levels? this year's papers are just so.. creative, and im somewhat dumbfounded. i kinda deserve it for slacking through my two jc years, but i dont really care since it's overrr, twelve years of education woohoo it's coming to an end finally. i wouldnt want to retake a levels anymore if i have to since i know i might fail, or i failed already. but no way am i retaking, i'm fucking scared to go through this cycle all over again and i wouldnt dare to. sigh lets just hope that the bell curve would do me some miracle. really, i just want an all Es, or even better, Ds and Cs.. thats just what i ask for. i dont wanna fail.

well, im so glad a's fucking over!

just wanna thank all my friends to be with me during these hectic period, days when i completely lose hope, days when i feel like giving up, you people are always here for me, praying for me, helping me in every area, little messages and phone calls checking me out every here and then assuring that im alright, goodluck msges, asking me out to study and teach me as much as i can absorb still - im really fortunate to have the nicest friends in the world,
though i'm such a letdown.

scratch that. i shall just leave it to till results day huh? and leave all other plans to there and then. oh and dont talk to me any shitz about a levels, i dont wanna talk about it anymore. so yup, keep that in mind haha.

liberation for now :)


AmbiguousAmbitions said...

what the hell LOLOLOL =D

zhengning said...

HAHAHA that picture right lol!

AmbiguousAmbitions said...

LOL ya! Where did you get these pictures haha!

zhengning said...

oh my friend showed this to me, and i LOLed hahaa!