November 30, 2009

I dont wanna deny my heart it's chance to feel,

new strings for my guitar and hence a new coverrr haha, it's kinda weird for me to put my own video in my blog, idk but i just think so.. erm as usual, lots of errors.

alright so life's treating me pretty well, i met up with ying finally, went out for prom shopping though i've not gotten anything still (time's running out!), met up with my bandmates ^^ i missed them all so much! went over to harald's crib as well the other day for some writing with the guys though progress's really slow, we managed to settle down with a couple of new cool riff, did a band interview/shoot thingy too on saturday for a friend's school project, it was so fun! felt as if we're really big kinda thing, like ftsk or atl you know, lol what a nice feeling haha. good thing is that we got to know our aim better as well, its good. i'll post pictures soon, after i've got the pics. imma head out to meet bestie to hang now, then class outing in the late afternoon, and i'll meet my three favorite girls jm, cj and hy for a movieeeee too! life's good, isnt it? :>

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