November 24, 2009

We own the night,

i've been watching lots of clips online, argh ok i need life lol. so our last paper yesterday was horrendously done though, i(we all) couldnt finish but lets not give a damn anymore, so i tore my entry proof and i ditched that a levels crap, never liked it.

my blog's pictures-lacking for the past month, but it wont be anymore! photo spams i assure. imma gonna have fun fun fun, im actually looking forward to whats up and coming for me the next few months without school haha, i have no idea how to plan for these few months, i just know that i want to do lots of stuff. but first, i'd love to clear my books, clean my room and revamp the room of course, then i'll need to shop for my prom dress! hmm

so we celebrated wenshit's and cord's birthday last night! it was belated though, since their birthdays were actually somewhere during the a's. alright so we planned the surprise beforehand, with kshit following wshit back home after school while some of us went to ma's place earlier. oh and the cast(ma bestie mins and i) had to put up a show, plan was that mins and i quarreled and i stomped off the room with ma chasing behind me, while i'll go set up the birthday cake and all. then bestie and mins will stay in the room with the rest, kinda feeling that she's in the wrong and all then they'll come look for me lol. okay kinda hard to imagine the scenario here, especially when i cant really describe things oh well. the last minute change of plan worked out too! so mins stomped in the room instead and questioning me about smth i did, haha she looked as if she's fuming mad haha wtf coolz :)

it was definitely a fun night with my sishood, bestie, cords and tingjie!
karaoke, mad dancing, oh-so-funny mama's pa, wine, mahjongggg, birthday surprise(haha and wshit actually cried), endless laughter, pizza, and more pizza, and of course the awesome company. me being me, woke up the latest haha when the rest already cleared the room liaossxxz.

headed out on saturday as well, and did some shopping at hajilane/bugis w my girls. well but it was bad hair day for me. i need to get my hair trimmed soonish. went to soka to catch orangecove's showcase that night haa well the guys were thumbs up as usual, but idk i have something against the song 'nobody' actually, lol didnt quite enjoy that but damned if i do ya's pretty awesome. i guess all time low will definitely be proud of the guys, hah!

so the three of them bought blazers, looks kinda classy huh?
we too put on the blazers and we looked like.... hmm
lol too big for wshit
guan yin ma

anyway mins's my sista nao okay i know right i'll try not to take too much an advantage from that hahhaaaa

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