December 03, 2009

Back to the middle,

today's one of those stay-at-home days for me, cant believe i'm actually at home now and i dont even intend to go out. i need some rest! my body clock has gone insane, i slept at 6am everyday for the past two weeks already. my everyday schedule would be just waking up prolly at 12 or 1, and i'll head out and return home only about 11 or 12plus at night - that explains why im broke as hell nao and it's only the start of december. so i went for my virgin l4d2 game with the guys and holy shit it's fun! the whole world's playing it nao, but i must not get addicted to it man, i'm gonna chant that. caught 2012 with my girls too, cried throughout the show because i have a weak heart.. haha. oh well i needa go back to normal human sleeping patterns, i dont want to be the one who's always late! cause' i really hate it when people are late btw. sigh i haven been seeing my parents for quite sometime already even though we're living under the same roof. when i wake up, they're all out at work and when i get home, they'll be sleeping already..

we're(fftf) gonna be opening for some event kakis meet up thingy this saturday at cuppage plaza, will be covering four songs - think meg&dia, anberlin and adam lambert! yes adam lambert, haha i'd kill myself actually. that guy's totally sick and i cant reach his high notes... so yeah i really hope i dont screw this one up!

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