December 16, 2009

I'm on a boat,

this is really random but, the top 5 most played songs in shaneparker's:
(WOW and i just realised they're all female fronted.. lol)

Paramore have announced a show in Singapore in March! They'll be playing in Singapore Stadium on March 7th for their first headline show there! Details and ticket links will be posted as soon as they're available on

fast forward to friday will be playing for sound series II at st james powerhouse (20th december 2010) alongside bands like saving someone, quickquickdanger etc. do drop by to catch us if you're free that day, new covers i assure! no points for guessing which songs we're covering, but yes think paramore-ish :>
alright like what i said in our myspace post, i'm kinda excited to share the same stage w many awesome bands. personally, im looking forward to catch saving someone's and qqd's set, okay who doesnt right lol but im more excited to play w them actually. it's like one big step for our band i guess, since st james's such a big stage - definitely something i didnt expect to come so soon, i mean we just started out in june, dont even have an original and yes i kinda suck anyways? oh and i just found out ytd it's actually wayne who intro-ed our band to one of the organizers, hey thankyou so much! :) well we're playing kinda early though, so im not even sure if there's audience..... but well i should be thankful and im just hoping and praying hard that i dont screw up that day, i better dont.

here's the line up for soundseries2,
6:20pm: the repose
6.45pm: saving someone
7:10pm: fast forward to friday
7:35pm: deputy Siren
8:00pm: stillborn
8:25pm: blindfold hero
8:50pm: barcodes for breakfast
9:15pm: 'ohsofickle' fashion runway
9:45pm : quick quick danger
10:15pm: faceoff
10:45pm: stella story
11:15pm: party alongside w the party-man "emcee sof"

+ a whole new line up of larger than life musicians (11 bands)
+ 15 very gorgeous ladies w a series of exclusive wear created and designed by tammytay(osf) alongside w her extensive team of creative stylists and make up artists
+ winner of female's most gorgeous 50 people, ms annabel tan strutting down the runway alongside w her protege, model and dj
+ special guest appearance by mister daryl yow, and singapore's youngest singapore idol, duane ho as he brings his outrageous piano skills, and of course his dance moves
+ strong line up of djs (dj foe hammer, dj tok and mc sof - the unbeatable duo)

all in one night!
tickets selling at 24$ each - for the flea market, gig, fashion show, chicks, and party the whole night long, definitely value for money!

head over to fb to check out the event, xx

is there somebody who still believes in love?


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