January 30, 2010

Face up,

i had a dream about you, and it felt so real. do these dreams have any meaning?

January 26, 2010

this chance is worth taking.

You build your castles in the skies, stars reflecting off your eyes

it's been twenty six days into the new year,

i havent been writing much at this space here, there's nothing interesting happening in my life to write about. oh i actually went back to ctss to help out in the sec4e/5n camp, hmm. other than that, my life everyday's so routine-liked and i hate it. i've yet to get myself a job, still. i know i know, it's been two months since my break starts and i'm still idling away, wasting time. but i should stop complaining, since i'm the one being choosy and all. but you know i really wanna do something that i like at least, and not just taking the job for the sake of earning some quick cash, though it's just temporary? well i just hope that i'll get my replies soon, please reply meeeeeeeeeee potential employersz, i'm keeping my fingers crossed!

okay few pictures above! pretty overdued though, haven been snapping much picas lately. hmm attica/rebel last week, was pretty terrible. so i might be joining the girls to somewhere else this wednesday? might. oh and i met up with sishood, bestie and tingjie for some jappie dinner the other day! goodfren and cords couldnt make it. sigh these people made me miss going to school so much. well it was nice sharing and catching up on recent events of each other's life, we're leading pretty different lifestyles now that we're no longer attending school. lots of interesting shitz to share during their worktime, really fun. i wonder how working is like actually. i apologise for sounding like a noob here, but i've never worked before in my whole life, no but seriously. heh! :>

now, what are you going to do tomorrow?
what am i going to do tomorrow?

January 21, 2010

I'm not alone,

but i'm lonely without you.

hair color, yes no?
http://www.formspring.me/zhengning since everyone's doing so. well i'm bored anyways. talk to me, tell me something funny, ask me anything.
make me smile.


January 19, 2010

8747.) i want a boy. who gives me butterflies everytime i look at him and make it last, makes me smile at every little thing he does, look at my texts just cause he misses me, doesn't give in completely, make the whole thing interesting, knows how to make me chase him but at the same time knows when to give him. i want.. that boy.

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January 13, 2010

Two to share,

though sadly i still sound like crapz after so long..
12 jan '10; (my latest cover haha, recorded just last night.)
09 dec '08; (my first vocal cover on youtube, looked like crapz only haha)

January 12, 2010

Well I could tell you every word that was on your lips,

so today i had the best breakfast i've had in a long time. quite amazing, considering the fact that i only wake up at 1 or 2 in the afternoon usually. well, not because i could wake up for breakfast, but i didnt even sleep last night! i stayed up doing nothing, absolutely nothing. i'm not even suffering from insomnia, and i wasn't thinking about emomomo-mojojojo stuff on my bed. it's just that i felt like i had something left to do, something left undone last night, so i just cant sleep. i tried to though. oh well, i'll try to turn in earlier today(we'll see). cant believe i didnt sleep all day and i'm still here, wide awake. i just want a good night's sleep tonight.

some pictures spammage below;
flea titan on.... i cant remember when! way overdued pica. well i really love fleas, i do, both online and offline. but i hate the fact that clothes are no longer priced at flea prices, and are a little way too overrated for some same piece of cloth. back to the basics, i aint richz.

out w gayfriend before school reopens for her so we combed the airport, and had popeyes! such yum. oh and note of the day, i actually asked her this question which now i think it's really funny, "what is a sezairi?" haha i mean i really dont know because i dont watch singapore idol at all, not even the finals haha, we took a bus down to town too, before heading to.... ok guess where we went?
eh yar library, srsly hahhha! and bad hair day for me yes.

huiyi's bbq last saturday, it's been so long since i last met ben goh, sk, millie, and shihui. the two guys, as usual, love being each other's gay parnter ^^

i like this one, we looked so happy!

met weijie for dinner last night, it was pretty good huh virtual friend? chatted over the dinner, had really yummy murtabak along killiney road, then he got me a super belated tiramisu cakey too. oh and why virtual friend, he consider himself as a virtual friend of mine because we dont even get to meet. best friends dont actually meet up often eh? and we figured out, the last time we met up was like six months ago, at sa VS cj's rugby match. that's like half a year ago?!?!
and a few decent photos finally. our first pic tgt at speech day two years back, horrendous. i had uneven bangs then, i remembered.

last night, i texted about ten numbers and emailed to five other because they posted adverts online regarding job vacancies, guess what, only two out of fifteen replied! and i dont like the job (marketing? zn and marketing wtf?) so no way am i gonna go down for the interview, haha no wayy. i'm choosy like that.

January 06, 2010

Shake and shout,

i'm still alive, and unemployed if you're wondering.

so i spent the last day of '09 and the first day of '10, all the way in kl. not many pictures though, just a few here and over at fb. had fun w my girls even though there's like nothing much to do in kl since we were only there for what, two days? we navigated ourselves to the petronas twin tower, and sungei wang from our hotel, and we actually met really nice people over there, remember the taxi driver and the cute bellboy? so it was mad shopping at sungei wang, and we got ourselves some loots, well i should've bought myself a pair of shoes of smth! but im back alr. mini sharing session at night, and cj got us all to pen down our new year resolutions, i wrote down ten to be exact, not in any particular order

1. find love and fall in love
2. get myself a fucking job
3. send thru a text to benloh (idk why i could reply everyone but him that day!)
4. stop trusting people so easily, people dont usually mean what they say
5. to have a better r/s w my family
6. be a better friend
7. enjoy my life as much as i can
8. devote more attention and contribute to my band, i cant be always slacking
9. go see the worldz (i think i meant to travel)
10. stop being a ninja

ahaha but i think im changing it alr. they kinda make sense, but they... dont quite make sense too? i dont know if i'm actually making sense myself. anyhows, i'm just gonna make myself a new list - not a resolution kinda thing, but just a list that i want to remind myself constantly and just try to stick to? idk we'll see.
oh yeah join my band's fb page! xx i'm not the one managing though, but you might want to check it out, lovedew (Y). feels so weird to 'advertise' myself here, but yeah you know..

so yours truly's been visiting friends at work(instead of finding myself a job well done haha), meeting up old friends, or if not, just wasting my life away at home, sometimes binging and just stuffing my face like a chipmunk booo. i've yet to clear my room though, i dont know how to clear this mess it's like a typhoon wreck or something. last night, i met up w ying, ming, mr tan cy and his wifey for some sashimi fix at sakuraya fish mart? somewhere along south buona vista area. well what can i say, fucking fresh and definitely worth the price, i mean i just had the best raw salmon and swordfish in my eighteen years of life, maybe? but srsly, its damn fresh. i'll go there anytime for my salmon baby fix, eh. sakae, sushi tei everywhere faillllllll.

pschool palz yo. we should really meet up soon, last night was way too short my girls.