January 12, 2010

Well I could tell you every word that was on your lips,

so today i had the best breakfast i've had in a long time. quite amazing, considering the fact that i only wake up at 1 or 2 in the afternoon usually. well, not because i could wake up for breakfast, but i didnt even sleep last night! i stayed up doing nothing, absolutely nothing. i'm not even suffering from insomnia, and i wasn't thinking about emomomo-mojojojo stuff on my bed. it's just that i felt like i had something left to do, something left undone last night, so i just cant sleep. i tried to though. oh well, i'll try to turn in earlier today(we'll see). cant believe i didnt sleep all day and i'm still here, wide awake. i just want a good night's sleep tonight.

some pictures spammage below;
flea titan on.... i cant remember when! way overdued pica. well i really love fleas, i do, both online and offline. but i hate the fact that clothes are no longer priced at flea prices, and are a little way too overrated for some same piece of cloth. back to the basics, i aint richz.

out w gayfriend before school reopens for her so we combed the airport, and had popeyes! such yum. oh and note of the day, i actually asked her this question which now i think it's really funny, "what is a sezairi?" haha i mean i really dont know because i dont watch singapore idol at all, not even the finals haha, we took a bus down to town too, before heading to.... ok guess where we went?
eh yar library, srsly hahhha! and bad hair day for me yes.

huiyi's bbq last saturday, it's been so long since i last met ben goh, sk, millie, and shihui. the two guys, as usual, love being each other's gay parnter ^^

i like this one, we looked so happy!

met weijie for dinner last night, it was pretty good huh virtual friend? chatted over the dinner, had really yummy murtabak along killiney road, then he got me a super belated tiramisu cakey too. oh and why virtual friend, he consider himself as a virtual friend of mine because we dont even get to meet. best friends dont actually meet up often eh? and we figured out, the last time we met up was like six months ago, at sa VS cj's rugby match. that's like half a year ago?!?!
and a few decent photos finally. our first pic tgt at speech day two years back, horrendous. i had uneven bangs then, i remembered.

last night, i texted about ten numbers and emailed to five other because they posted adverts online regarding job vacancies, guess what, only two out of fifteen replied! and i dont like the job (marketing? zn and marketing wtf?) so no way am i gonna go down for the interview, haha no wayy. i'm choosy like that.

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