February 26, 2010


time has passed so quickly indeed, february's ending. and i can say no. of happy days<>no. of fucked up days for me, easily. i really hate to say but i think i just wasted two months away. i've been idling way too much - if you ask how did i spend my day today? i woke up at one in the afternoon, then fed myself a sandwich, used the lappy till i fell asleep, and woke up for my second meal, then here i am all the way till now, and i think i spent half a month like that? no lifezxzxzx man. okay look, i'm looking forward to march, march seems pretty interesting. i'm so not going to spend my day like that everyday(what happened to my resolutions!), and i'm not just saying, i bought myself a schedule book and i will make full use of it starting from march 1st.

i have quite a few pictures to post, so here they are - days that i'm not idling lol
cny at my house,

my actual height. and yes my younger cousin's taller than me haha

ong goodfren's 19th,
met up w the rest finally! dined at pasta de waraku, wenshit had to work that day and couldnt join us for dinner but we went to look for her anyways! back to pasta, my pasta tasted like... salt. but thats for the first ever time at waraku, previous visits were actually alright. i love meet ups like this, though it's pretty short. and we actually changed our facebook picture to one of her most classic epic moments that night, haha! and the response was pretty amazing. arent we sweet?
this is so cute haha

w my ong goodfren @cixian haha

ying's 19th,
managed to date her out on her bday itself despite the fact that she have other possible dates to go out w. thai express w the bday girl and man what a satisfying meal, i had the most awesome drink ever and that's red bean milkshake! it's so goooood really (if you like red bean that is) and my first time eating tomyam horfun. i dont know about you but for me, everything tomyam's orangeyred so i was being quite a retard because i was so amazed that the gravy's all clear haa. me being me, as always lol but the gravy's really shiokz, so if you fancy a 10$ hor fun, go go go and dont hesitate already. well we shared a lot that night, and i'm so glad that she's doing really good, i love sharing w her, cant believe we've been really goodfriends for more than a decade, fourteen years to be exact. wow.

alright it's 6.02am now, i should sleep soon.. have been living the nocturnal lifestyle for about three months already. right now, my nose is congested, this sucks. i'd always thought my immune system's pretty strong, but nah i'm down w this for almost two weeks already, probably my longest flu&sorethroat ever.

my formspring's working again, so ask me questions!
i should blog more often.

goodnight xx

February 19, 2010

The Only Exception

so beautiful.
i dont know how many times i've said this, but i cant fucking wait for march 7!
who's going??? let me know.

god bless sistic.

Jesse: I feel like if someone were to touch me, I'd dissolve into molecules.

Celine: So, I want to try something.
Jesse: What?
Celine: (hugs him) I want to see if you stay together or if you dissolve into molecules.
Jesse: How'm I doing?
Celine: Still here.
Jesse: Good, I like being here.

before sunset

so cny clashed w valentine's day this year. cny was pretty boring actually, not much visiting since the whole extened family came over to my place instead, yeah and my house's really boring. it's not even big enough to begin with. i had fun though, helping mom out in the kitchen, though i didnt sleep the night before(yeah my bodyclock's screwed up still). and valentines's, i've never once went on a date on valentine's day, so sad huh! i know right... okay perhaps just once, two years back, when i was attached. i couldnt even recall how my other vdays were spent, so its kinda meaningless. but nobody wants to date ugly me either! ugly and fat me yo. oh well, i actually thought it would be a little different this year. how naive. but indeed, it was different. i spent my vday with...my mom, and dad? we drank together, and i drank like what, four cans of beer that day? then we had supper together, and it was nice, i thought.

it's 18th today, so happy birthday ong goodfren! so old alr, please grow up larzxszxz! haha we actually changed our facebook display pic to her unglam pic, and i guess many people have seen it alr hahaaha thats the point right!

anyways i'm sick, heaty it should be. my bloody nose bled twice the entire day today, and i was sneezing like a sneezer. pretty sick gosh, there's even blood in my phlegm :( and so i didnt work for maxsphere today, i think i've got to pay a sum of compensation fees because i didnt even go to the doctor to get myself a medical certificate. hahaha.
i shall not give a fuck.
get well soon me!

February 12, 2010

Setting up sunday,

met audrayyyyye for the first time ever, she's naiseeee and we actually lived so near each other lol. we did two covers today. two meg&dia's cover. xx for the last great star in hollywood if you're keen to watch. happy cny y'all.

setting up sunday, watching the winter grow so old, no. we're making excuses for insecurities, it's not about me oh it's never about me. now i can't go on, i'm lost and alone. now my lovers gone, i'm lost and alone. kid i'm right here and i'm not leaving, there's no way to make you stay. but, i'm saving all my worries for the day you don't need me. we're selling out monday, watching the children grow, so cold, no oh they're wearing our hands down, our human frailties, it's not about me oh it's never about me. now i can't go on, i'm lost and alone. now my lovers gone, i'm lost and alone. kid i'm right here and i'm not leaving, there's no way to make you stay. kid i'm right here, it's now morning, there's no way, please stay. we're setting up sunday, watching their hearts in soil, grow mold..

it's time to let go. you want to control so everything happens in just the way you want it, but at the end of the day, we control nothing. so, do what you can, and then let go.

February 08, 2010

Last time around.

last night was good, really good. i met up with fftf/pv finally, after a little say more than two weeks? hanged out and stayovered at shawn's till the next morning, we were actually figuring out the keys and stuff to our new cover, and hopefully the final product wouldnt sound as irritating as the original song. well i had fun, probably one of the best nights i had in a while, pretty productive too. i've been feeling pretty down these days, so yeah, that easily made last night an exception. why down? lots of stuff happened the past week and i must conclude that last week's pretty fucked up. so my sis was sent to the hospital, and till now we dont even know the reason because the doctor just told us that it might be this, it might be that. lol? they cant even tell what the fuck it is? or alright maybe "nothing is certain" applies to that too, but my sis's better already and she's back, well i hope it isnt the one that i was kinda obsessed w a few years back.. hmm also, my aunt found out that she have a tumor right in the brain, and yeah she needa go for an operation right after chinese new year, this is probably the most sudden and shocking news i've heard in a while, my aunt's one lively and bubbly person, so idk why is she the one? and i'm really scared. and i found a job (as stated in my previous post), but now im jobless already. yes i quitted, right after four days. so much for wanting to settle down on something, but no way am i going to stay at that freak's shop. i said she wasnt a tyrant, well i was wrong. lots of drama shit took place within four days, and yeah i wouldnt want to mention much about it again, but people who have been following me on twitter should've known since i tweet a lot. bad luck i guess and now i cant even get my fucking pay, but im waiting.. i'm glad i've really nice colleagues, and we'll stand up for each other no matter what seriously, right, ariel? what we want, is just to get paid, we dont work for nothing.

lots of picas to post, so yeah here goes:

met up w antoshit for dinner last friday, just a day before his enlistment! haha beanie boy. went over to lasalle for inch chua's benefit show thereafter, thumbs up! all the sets were pretty good, and of course inch chua's set was pure perfection.


my cousin's married! attended his wedding solemnization and the wedding lunch at raffles hotel on the 31st of jan, which also meant a major family meet up! okay in other words, camwhoring session. oh my cuz's really cute, he actually said "yes, i do"even before the question's asked, cant wait huh? hee. and i spotted judith there, i was kinda puzzled actually. turns out judith's my cousin's wifey's student! seriously singapore aint big at all, i believe everyone's linked to each other somehow haha anyhow, congratsss on the marriage and i hope that ya new exciting life together as husband and wife would be full of adventures, joy and love. hee best wishes!


butterfact with the above on one wed night, was it last week? or the week before? uh well that night's pretty much of an eye opener. i kinda like butter, the music's really good, much better than the one at rebel. oh and i spotted qinatthediscooo there too! pretty bummed that our thailand trip plans didnt work out..


@gayfriend's birthday chalet. gayfriend turns 19 on the 1st of feb, oh and she actually got a dslr as a birthday present, wowsome much! imma havin' bad fringe in the above pic, i was perspiring so much, yeah adding on to my bad hair day.

celebrated huiyi's birthday too, thats about two weeks ago though. we had a yummy meal and cake at secret recipe. i dont actually remember the name of the main course i ordered, but it's really yummy, cheese actually oozed out from the fried cheeeken, and yeah that i meant quite a bit of cheese, so i really like it! and we headed over to the pump room for some drinks too, my first visit. and birthday girl actually paid for my cab fare for the ride home, is she nice or nice?
On this day of your life, Zhengning, we believe God wants you to know ... that your remedy for anxiety is the question: 'Will this matter in a year from now?'
Message from God
All too often you get so involved in things that you look at life through a microscope. Amplifying manifold, an invisible speck becomes an insurmountable mountain. Put down the microscope and imagine yourself a year from now looking back at today: 'Does this really matter?'
idk why but this fb god's so freaky every single time, never fails to answer every single question right on my mind. seems like my mind isnt that hard to be read, why cant you read what's on my mind?

February 03, 2010

The city's shining tonight, but you dont see the light.

first day at work today yay, seems so much like the first day of school. hmm actually no, i'd rather go to school, i missed school so much i swear. well yesyesyes i finally made it through the hurdle of getting myself a goddamn job. congratulate me people! so it was quite alright i thought, but not too perfect to start with. i thank god that my employer and the other retail girls arent tyrants, they're pretty nice actually. and what i like about this job is that, i dont have to crack my brains everyday on what to wear since i'll be wearing something from the shop. oh it's a part time job by the way, and i'm new to retail so i'm not so sure if this job's suitable for me, i can't be good and confident about something i've never done before. but anyways i'll learn, about the new surrounding and procedures, i hope i'll last a while at least.

day two today, and i'd learnt more than i need to. things are showing, and i have lots of doubts already regarding pay and such, my colleagues know best. that aside, i'm disgusted by how some consumers behave seriously. take for example, today i served this pair of couple from *** (i'm trying my best not to stereotype already but i cant help to), it was my bad not to check how much i'd received when that dude hands the money over to me, but thank god i realised soon enough, and goodfren who came to visit pointed to me which directions did that couple head to. i ran after them right away, thinking that they might have left out that 10$ notes or something. well fact is that i didnt check how much i'd received in the first place, yeah? but know what, they were actually running as fast as they could! they were fucking running away, and it was so obvious that they delibrately paid less! it's not funny man. speechless really, and i was literally running and chasing that two fucktards w my dress on, oh well i did get back the money in the end...