March 18, 2010

And i'll feed off the wounds that bleed, and tear you away from me.

im lagging once again..
edited the layout anyways, larger font for better viewing pleasure?
so paramore's last weekend, fucking awesome! and awesome's just an understatement. i had such a great time, together with thousands other peepos, headbanging, jumping, screaming and singing along to all my favorite songs. i love let the flames begin so so so much, it meant a lot to me somehow hmm, parafuckingawesomemore (Y) striked off a band from my "bands i have to catch live before i die" list. alltimelow, im waiting for yourss.

last week, oh i had a hard time deciding what path should i take next. dug out all my o's stuff, went to a few polys, did lots of researchz on the private institutions and if it's possible for me to take a degree privately(turns out it isnt). anyways i've applied for poly but i dont know if i've made the right choice, because i always dont. deep down inside me, i think i should look for a job now, and stay w it for as long as i can - my mom thinks im bullshitting. no but seriously, i'd love to! i'll earn some money, then i'll spend them all travelling and shopping, then i'll go work for my travel funds again, and you know that kinda cycle. i dont think it's too insane because it might work out, but i have to work super hard, since all i have's an o level cert.. boomboompow. but then again, i hope np accepts my application..


i'm not making any progress.
and i hate this.


Beachbum Isaac (: said...

Hey there zhengnin, its isaac here, from myspace. Thx for ur kind comments on my photos. Seeing your posts remind me of when I used to be in a band too, I played drums. And I messed up my a levels too. Too much playing ard! Well I think u shud go poly n study. Just my opinion, or go overseas to study and do a foundation year eg australia. Ona side note, perhaps I could do a photoshoot for you! Heh.


zhengning said...

oh hey issac, nice you hopped onto my blog as well. haha well yeah too much playing around, and screwing up my studies. i've applied for poly but the application results arent out yet. haha i'd love to go overseas but aint cheap isnt it! hha
well, a photoshoot's interesting. let me know about it? :)