March 24, 2010

Real with me,

my current hair now, w and w/o flash.

dyed and trimmed my hair yesterday, called goodfren - @cixian along, it was an impromptu decision. supposed to dye my hair together with melissa earlier in the day but ended up dialing goodfren, well she wanted a hair cut too. so my goodfren's having short hair now, yeah short hair. can you imagine? but it looks pretty good on her, like a schoolgirl (and also idk like the daughter of some veggie stall seller in the market) i wouldnt bear to snip my hair off to her current length, now that my hair's kinda long.

i've been occupying myself with lots of movies, tv series and travel blogs. began watching skins few days back (ikr im fucking slow, but still..) and i got hooked onto it. three seasons in two and a half days. loved every characters, and everyone's beautiful.

i want, no i need. i need to visit at least two countries by the end of this year.
at least two, i dont care.

look, i dont want to idle. i want to fucking work. i did try, i tried asking at many places but no one's willing to even give me a try because im only available till mid april(lets hope np accepts me)which is like... two plus weeks. who the fuck will hire me? financial crisis101. i realised it since very long ago, yet im still spending way too much.
i think i've wasted yet another month away, isnt it? i said the same thing a month ago, yeah right. i've not forgotten it at all. i fucking hate myself for this, it's not as if i'm that young and i've got a lot of time to waste. i've already failed in so many things, i get a U in my life mans. now im just afraid i'll waste the whole of 2010 away.... and thats one whole year. fucking hell.

i hate thoughts like this in the middle of the night.
everyone pray, i'll do alright in life.

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yiqin; said...

I love skins <3