March 06, 2010

And that's two wasted years,

so i've failed my a levels..
what am i going to do?

1. retake, so back to j2 (which also means to go through this whole cycle again, do i really want to? )
2. a gap year (so i'll work at the same time, and be a private candidate or some sort....)
3. poly/private institution (do i want to waste three/four more years this time?)
4. work the fuck out (how much can a O level cert holder earn?)

idk. i'm so lost.
no point brooding over it i know. but i have completely no idea what to do.. blank. i've to plan something out real soon. tell me, what should i do?


wayne said...

try retaking j2 and work a lot harder this time then can go uni, dont waste your time in poly...

anyway cheer up :D

Anonymous said...

Anyway, take care and stay strong! Am sure that there is a way out. Ask your teachers etc for help and don't keep the problems to yourself.

phishfoodd said...

Gap year! :)

jiaying said...

its not wasted. life is not all about results, everyone make mistakes.

you made great friends there, and they'll stay with you for life... :)

take this as a learning experience, dont be upset for too long! *hugs*