April 28, 2010

Don't give up because you're losing,

these are a few photos from last week, it was a good week. i went back to school, i met up with my girls, huiyi came all the way down to np to have lunch with me, i met up with cj for a movie, and i've made some friends.

harrow huiyi haha

charm's and vandy's bday,

i haven posted anything regarding school life i realised, so yeah here goes; school's pretty alright so far, basically you call it the 'slack week' or the 'slack period' during the first few weeks of school anywhere, so i can still afford to head out to town almost every other day for now, just for now. i think i wont be that free anymore with the increasing work load and i might join a CCA, or even two. i dont want to make my life in np empty, plus im all alone there for now. been out a couple of days for movie and such (free movie tix i've gotten from my work the other time, and i finally used them all!), they are going to expire anyways and i didnt want to waste it. and seriously, holidays vs school, i would say holidays anytime. lol i mean who dont? i hate the idea of waking up so early, and squeezing my way up the buses which were already packed, not a good way to begin my day huh haha. but i shall not complain any further, at least school's rather near my place :) other than that, i guess school's alright actually, and am adapting still. it's good to look young actually, for my case, people dont actually know im older until i tell them so, haha.
halfway into the second week of school..... and i had thoughts of discontinuing a few times. haha what the fuck right? just saying, haha i know i cant and i wont. i need this so much. i better stop having thoughts like that, i think i'll ruin myself this time if i follow my heart.

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