April 14, 2010

Seven thousand miles for what,

so after all the applications, rejections, appeals, and more other troublez, i finally got myself a place in np's BS. fyi, np's the first to reject my application, yet it's also the first to accept my appeal later on after a week (i appealed to all polys) apparently i got accepted to all the polys after last week. lol which is strange, i got rejected last week, and got accepted by all of em' again. you know one week makes so much of a difference? i felt so fucking unwanted and i even planned to enrol myself in kaplan or stansfield already. they are good private institutions by the way, just a tad ex. thank god for the changes after a week. so im gonna spend another three years, in np and i'd better do well in there. haha to think that i went such a big round and get back to where i started. i already wasted two years, i wouldnt wanna waste all my five years. five years, omfg it's like half a decade!!! it's just pure shit if i do that, so i'm gonna study hard while i balance it out with my other commitments... i dont know but i just have to try at least? because i need to do well. i'd stab myself if i dont.

need to get a laptop soon, probably a macbook. but i dont know if it's userfriendly to my course? hmm well i can use garageband to create some stuff, been always wanting to do that too. but it's fucking ex, i mean i have to pay myself first and i dont work, so.... so people, let me know any ways to earn some quick cash? i think i need a part time job or something. please intro me some event kinda job! i'll love you till death. my sis will have my current lappy, after i get a new one. am quite sad to part with him though, we shared the same bed for more than four months already.... i see him every night, we had fun every night, and we developed some kind of lovelovelove, those open bracket 'L' close bracket kind of love. hahahahahaa okay i should stop.

first sem's gonna start soon. pretty worried and excited at the same time, i mean meeting new people's nothing strange to all of us, but meeting people... i mean most of them are younger than me right? i is old. i hope my classmates wont see me as some old hag or something. okay these are baseless worries i know haha. wish me luck!

ask me anything at formspring! beacause im bored, and you should keep me entertained :>

omg fringe all up haha, i looked different.
made pasta at cj's the other day! her house's like some pasta supplier, lol. and looks good aint it?
taste good too. heeee! chef zn in the house. lolz okay i should really stop


Anonymous said...

I do know Santa fe's hiring! google :)

Anonymous said...

Sup' Zhengning ? It's been a long time... Raaa you probably forgot me...

Hope you feel great though. Be happy, be funny, enjoy your life, right ?

It was just a "little hello" from a faraway country. :))))))))))))))

zhengning said...

anoy: ah thanks!! i googled it haha :> think i might be going down one day or smth, !!

anoy: hey whoever you are! ahha :> what makes you think that i've forgotten you! let me know who you are? haha

Old Beng said...

Yes, you hv to work harder this time round, considering you hv wasted 2 years. (I know, true words sounded like sh*t).

Don't worry, you look much younger than you actually are, your new classmates won't know unless you reveal your age lor, lolz.

As for comp, NP shud hv tie-up with certain IT Company with laptop for students at much lower price with application for yr schoolwork free. You shud purchase your laptop from yr school. That's how my nephew bought his lappy in RP.

zhengning said...

oldbeng: hhaa which is true! they really dont know that im older than them haha, they cant actually tell. i got my macbook from np in the end! it turns out to be more ex than the retails, but they have warranty to go with. ahha so i guess its alright :)