May 25, 2010

And wasting away,

it's 1:42am and im typing this in bed, with my hair all wet. and i am suddenly reminded of certain things that happened in school. school's horrid, projects to be exact. i hate projects, well i guess i should stop right here. and crap, june's arriving.. what have i done so far other than fucking things up over and over again. seriously, 2010 i hate chu' so bad :(
my sis turned 20 two days ago, wow, tweeeenty. myself too, in a year's time.'t-Good-Enough

haha and because i'm pathetic. i just wanna be happy, is it too much to ask for?


Anonymous said...

Hey hey Zhengning :) You seems to be unhappy. 2010 doesn't suck, right. ;)
Are your problems really important ?
Do what you can!
Don't let the society and the system burn your life. :)

Take care!

zhengning said...

hey, well i guess im pretty down this whole while, just cant seem to be doing anything right, and completed. thanks for that! much appreciated :)