May 11, 2010

Beautiful girls all over the world,

i could be chasing but my time would be wasted,
they got nothin' on you baby,
nothin' on you baby/
they might say hi, and i might say hey,
but you shouldn't worry about what they say,
cause they got nothin' on you baby,
nothin' on you baby...

i like this song! finally an r&b/hiphop song thats not talking about whores and sex or what not. catchy as hell as well. right, i haven been blogging since forever, this place seems pretty empty, if not, full of dissatisfaction and displeasue. sigh, well but the blogging bug's back again. i'll post some pictures soon though! some happy ones to kinda liften up this place a little. sigh, school's pretty hectic, i mean it's worse than my jc life. haha i dont even feel much stress in jc, but right now in np, i do... especially everyone's so driven and yes my course seems really competitive. i mean seriously, jc isnt that scary, and people dont mug that much in jc. jc's fun too!! i dont get why everyone thinks jc is just about pure mugging. i mean yeah they do, but its not just pure mugging. lol yet i think poly is. i think im going to start studying for my ct from next week? crap. someone ask me out to study please, i would very much appreciate it.

well im sitting alone, w my mac, my bag, listening to some acdc or idk playing on the music station here, though im not a fan of them (but i dont listen to jazz/newage/classical either) and two books that i feel like borrowing. haha talk about books huh - i mean cookbooks. and im so early today! well thats because i went for this interview, man it's a total fail for me.
i went in and the first thing i got was, "hey remember not to wear shorts for any interviews. oh and no singlets as well (i was wearing a tank top)". f for fail. okay other than that, everything's kinda alright, im just speaking from my heart, facts and truths throughout. then came this question, what do you see yourself in 10years? i said oh i would probably be working admin in the cbd? i mean its kinda typical. but if i do have free time, i've of course dedicate time to music, i wont do it for a living if its right here in singapore. i told them this, sad to say this is somehow true and we do have to face reality. but deep down, i wanted to tell the panel that, i'd probably be a mother of two or even three (since i see myself getting married before 25, and by 29 i should be having kids no?), oh mixed blood, haha and probably been travelling around with my hubs. we travel around so much, that we dont even have a specific location/home. we head to music festivals, we cook for each other, we take care of our kids,we have sex all day...and so much more. no but most importantly, we are so in love. haha they could've just gave my chance away if i said that.


Anonymous said...

ousha!, You got a Mac !!!! Hey can you lend me it ? Lol.

What have you been up to ?

Hum, Who I am ??? THAT is the question. Lol. I'm your best fan from a faraway country. Nah!

ps: I love your future. I want to get the same future as yours.

Soh Poh Soo Donald said...

Wah ZN listens to old school ACDC.One of my fav bands.