May 28, 2010

Salt skin.

i like to think that someone somewhere would like to be with me... so that night was surreal, and weird. i had fun. our glances at each other, do they mean something? it felt like i've known you for ages, which is obviously bullshit. i think i got in too deep, i dont even know. i'm not usually like this, at all. mutual, or not? wishful thinking, i might become the next bigtime joke fullstop. so tell me what do i do?

i'll find some time to edit the layout when im free. meanwhile just bear with this one i have here, looks pretty neat. but i hate the font.


Anonymous said...

hey(ll)o Zhengning.

I would like to be with you, in my case. :)
If one thing could be super cool in that world, free air travel would be it.

taking the plane to make zhengning laugh ! Lol.

Have a nice weekend. ;) Have fun with your friends. It's the most important.

zhengning said...