June 05, 2010


i feel trapped. i wish to escape my current life, if i can. maybe i'm stressed? but i dont think so. i just dont see anything exciting anymore. you know sometimes you just have the impulse to leave everything behind and escape, not to give a damn about everything. then probably start somewhere completely new, all over again. no one knows me, no one judges me. most importantly, somewhere where i have complete freedom to be myself, to figure myself out, and watch my life takes shape again. it's pretty sad that this is coming from someone who's ending her teen years soon. i wanna do something ridiculous, something that could change my life overnight. such excitement... i dont know. but right now, i want to leave the house, the school, this place, and everything that involves me.
i want to d i s a p p e a r.

where do i want to be? let's pack up, abandon everything and go to somewhere where no one finds us, lets live happily ever after, shall we?

sigh, here i am still.


Justina said...

yes we shall do that :D

zhengning said...

okay set. (L)