June 22, 2010

Like it was once before,

yesterday, i brought my parents out for a meal at ajisen, haha mom wanted to dine there so badly. oh well happy fathers' day, and happy birthday dad! (yes, dad's bday and papa day falls on the same day this year )

past week's been pretty dramatic.. i left the band. right, i did a dick move, but at least i've cleared my thoughts. i've been thinking about how to put things in such a way that i wont hurt any of our feelings, in specifically, how do i ever talk about leaving you guys in such a way that i wont hurt any of our feelings. i mean, i feel it's right to voice out, i haven actually been doing so, though it's not the right time. i feel like a bastard especially because we've just started to get our name out there, make us a little known and all, and i thought we're right on the verge of something big yet now i'm ruining this whole thing that we've brought up till now. maybe it's a good reason to stay, and i did, but i asked myself and gave some more time to think about it, in fact, weeks. i know it's fucking bastard to just quit my band by sending a text (imagine if my bf do this to me, what a dick) but i just cant face it, and talk to you guys face to face. i loved you guys so much, it's pretty sad that things turned out this way, not something i want either. in the end, i ended up all alone, getting hated by people whom i loved. if you think this break up was easy for me, i have nothing else to say. breaking up with the whole bunch of you all, not easy, at all. well, life goes on. when something ends, something else begins. i always keep that in mind. life is too short to play with people who aren't as committed as you are.. i'm sorry i fucked up.

on a happier note, i think i'm in......like.

haven been posting pictures, so picas spam right next haha
miss seow's wedding on the twelfth:


look at my pretty girls.

antonio's birthday party that night:

guys got high and started doing push ups?! haha

tb07/08's chalet at ecp last monday:

supper at 3am, cycling after drinking, witnessing your classmates getting high and going crazy, camwhoring in action, playing all sorts of music due to genre differences within the class, listening to leonard's stories, staying awake the whole night though you're tired (but you just wanna stay awake). and i love how we climbed over the fences lol.

happy days.


MKL said...

Great photos. Wedding are always fun, right? You meet funny and pretty people :)

zhengning said...

got to agree with that, wedding's always fun!

EVA said...

mmmm noodles. those wedding photos are great, her dress is beautiful!