June 10, 2010

That night threw it away,

i inhaled the winter air, yeah i can see us there,
you were always by my side,
you never left it.
then we snapped a photograph,
one that i'll always have,
the city was dressed in lights.

you can't believe in what i've promised,
you can't believe a word i say,
if it was love then wouldn't i have stayed?
i swear i wish i could take back
the lies and the stories,
cause now i'm left with only memories.

failed cover, did this because i cant bring myself to study and this song's stucked in my head for days. i wanted to do the full one though.. but i cant go on for some reasons, so here's just a minute's crappy shit from me. so i'll be having my last paper tomorrow, which is bstats? okay i'm right. well to be honest, i've only studied hard for just one paper for this common test, and thats econs. haha sucks to be me, been through this shit for two years and i'm still like this. i'm gonna depend on my luck once again.... when will i learn my lessons?

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Old Beng said...

You are right, when will you learn your lessons?

You have to put aside 1-2 hours to revise your school work daily.

Just give it a thought, 24 hours a day, other than jamming, singing, internet-ing, FB-ing, Tweeting, meeting up with friends, eating, sleeping, nua-ing etc etc, am sure you can spare some time for studies.

Studies never get luck. NOTHING gets luck. To achieve one has to study.

Please don't let History repeat again. Just these 2-3 years to complete at least your poly.

A nagging uncle.

zhengning said...

thanks uncle oldbeng for nagging :/
i think i needed that, and i deserved that. sigh, it got me into thinking sometimes, why the hell cant i just think about the consequences and stuff (esp when im not exactly young and have all the time in the world to waste) okay and even if i thought of the consequences, i didnt really give a damn and all. history's gonna repeat itself..sigh.

thanks uncle.
hopefully im a changed person after this two weeks break....

Old Beng said...

No, you are never too old for studies.

I completed my "O" and went to work (family's financial problem does not permit me to go on further studies then).

Work part time and did "A" as private candidate then full time worker.

Completed my Degree while I work full time.

Nothing is too late or too old. You just gonna plan and make use of your time.

One should not be studying all day round but at least some decent 1 - 2 hours a day. This, I am sure, you can adhere to.

Relax, recharge, re-set and keep to your schedule.

Play time play and study time, please study.

Zhengning, 加油!!!