July 28, 2010


okay, something amazing just happened, a minute ago.

lights replied my tweet! omg. i was merely just expressing my disappointment somehow, not to her! but yeah, about the order. well, though it wasnt something pleasant, but she definitely made my day.


what's up with these questions on my fs?

July 21, 2010

1. i want my voice back.
2. mom should stop eating chips in front of me.
3. i want my voice back.

July 20, 2010

With a little poison they can burn this whole place down, to the ground again...

lights acoustic ep's out!

i cant explain how beautiful this ep is, heartbreaking and hearthealing - i experienced both. makes her lyrics come alive even more, like you know the feeling you get when you see a double rainbow? just grabbed a bundle from iamlights.com, i swear i love this girl so much. cant wait for the hard copy to reach my doorstep.

and adding on to my new favorite jam,

i must be hearing angels. this is way too beautiful, i have to share.

Like it's dynamite,

i'd like to say that ive been so busy and productive that i havent had the time to post something right here, but that just isnt the case.. i'm down w really bad dry cough and a infected throat yet again, or did i actually even recover from the previous one? so i lost my voice, i cant even speak! life sucks when you cant even utter a single word, talk about singing lol, fuck. my boyfriend's nice though, he called even when he knew i wont be responding (sigh i really want to but i cant lol), and i know it's terrible if you speak to someone without getting any response, but just because he knew i wanted to hear his voice.... haha, and he even got me cough syrup and lozenges, my personal caretaker, no? but uhm, weekend caretaker yes lol. i've been coughing so bad that i think i'm starting to build some really nice abs lol, the only plus side but well they'll be hiding under say thousand layers of fats hmm.

here's my friday and saturday for you. i could still talk and i looked seriously alright, was just coughing and coughing, i lost my voice on sat night and it got worst on sunday. till today, my voice's still not back yet, and i haven attend school for two days already.. sucks to be me (though i hate to attend school, but please i just want my voice back right now)



met mins before she flew to tw and will only be back next week. the rest of my girls goodfren, ws, kq, ma are in hk now! must be having so much fun, i can picture lots of shopping to be done, and with goodfren around, lots of dimsum yumyum, and i'm stucked here having tests and shit. and now even better, i cant even speak lol. oh well, am finally done w two tests and a presentation last week, and that means i have say four, five days to prepare for the next hit lol. but fuck that shit lol i cant wait for the study break and holidays, i see myself working and earning some spare cash $.$ alrighto, okay i got to meet boyfriend for dinner on friday, i pray hard that he could book out early every friday seriously - so that i can spend all my friday nights with him lol
caught inception, so brilliantly written and that my mind was officially blown. no wonder it's rated so high on rottentomatoes haha (i trust rt a lot, so yeah) and everyone's raving about it. joseph gordon-levitt should marry me(!) ok somehow i feel inspired, like it would be totally cool if we could do the same, i wanna dream a little bigger.. hmm

toy hunt and sakae buffet with boyfriend the next day. he suggested that we should eat healthier food, since its definitely not the best time to eat heaty stuff, (but i ended up ordering heaps of fried side dishes lol too bad) we had nineteen plates in total, and i had three kani chawanmushi to myself, good stuff. i know all i do is taking picas and blog about food, but well food really does make me a happier person, i'm serious haha sometimes it makes everything better after a long difficult day, you cant deny that fact. headed over to boyfriend's for some wii and guitarhero, he's super good at it. when i say good i meant 100% for almost everything we played. i'm 90% on drums and 93% on guitars for misery business, on medium. not too bad for a first-timer right!

met up with china girl (heehee just kidding) on thursday too, thai green curry fix!

looks kinda dark here. oh well she got herself bangSsssSSsszxxz. i've seen it first over webcam, but still, would've never thought that jm (yes jm) would get bangs haha.

what a long post, haven been doing so for sometime.

oh anyways my sony ericsson phone officially died, and so (great, you've served me well even after falling off from the third level) i've lost all my contacts, i didnt save my contacts on my sim card haha. so pardon me much if you see replies like "im sorry, you are?", even nicer, "who the fuck are you?"
hahah jk.

July 10, 2010

I'll Hold My Breath

until you see me in your dreams
we'll stay awake beneath the trees
we'll watch the buildings turn to dust
a sky of diamonds just for us
you are the risk i'll always take
the only branch i'll never break
those fears we'll blow them all away

July 07, 2010

So perfect,

(picas from last sat/sun)

and he was drawing this! haha

harrow to the boy above! basically, he's the only person whom i wanna spend my weekends with now.... and i cant wait for this weekend already. i miss this boy a lot.

went back to sa yesterday w wenshit, and we bumped into pammy! got back our cert/testi and what not, had ayam penyet at the school canteen. damn, i missed sa's food so much, sa's food > np's food anytime i swear. but well, we wont be going back anytime soon, i mean we wont even have to go back to sa, oh well. shit, i should stop talking about sa's food already, but i really miss you muslim stall's and i miss you horfun aka the "sentosa mian" lol! met william lee and chongster in school. william lee actually remembered me as the girl who wants a rich husband lol, so that's like the only impression i left for myself after two years, what an impression! i really do miss william's classes, though he could be a bore at (many) times, i felt at home in sa. idk i dont get this feeling in np, not even close. k i shall just drop that already.

at the gallery! what a nice place, used to sit on the steps every morning before assembly, and we used to sleep/htht at that area too. nice place.. but a stupid picture though.
(wenshit's stepping on a step higher hahaha no i didnt mean anything) ^^

anyways, i'm down w fever and throat infection.
but im better already, thanks to the power of love. lol jk i went to the doctor and i had five diff med. gave school a miss today, which means i missed the important obse lecture for the common test next week, gg.

July 05, 2010

Shoot out all the lights, aim your arrows high

pretty shameless but yeah, a little favor over here. help me out alright?
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btw if you wonder what's sgfreebee about, well i work for sgfreebee, so apparently they're giving some monetary rewards to their star promoter kinda thing, meaning sgfreebee would give me some $$ if i receive the highest votes/likes! so yeah i would very much appreciate it if you guys do me this little favor (L)

my versaemerge's parcel arrived, finally ikr! a versa vulture tee (they gave me a size bigger though), as well as fixed at zero's! i'm a happy girl. sierra's and blake's voices are just amazing, eargasmic much.

yoshi with ma:


@ everything w fries sometime ago:

jm's coming back from china this friday! gosh, need i say five months just passed like that? what have i did for past five months *scratches head*, no idea. five months, that's almost half a year - no wonder they say time moves faster as we age, absolutely true.

July 01, 2010

I'm finishing school!

nah i kid, i have thirty four more months to go.

today's just a school day = not too much going on.
well truth is, school still kicks my butt.

oh wow, it's july already. wtf 2010?!
le sigh.

some picas to blog before i forget:

i love these people.