July 05, 2010

Shoot out all the lights, aim your arrows high

pretty shameless but yeah, a little favor over here. help me out alright?
zip over to this page, and click on like! (http://www.facebook.com/sgfreebee?v=wall#!/photo.php?pid=128834&id=109476299089945) you have to like sgfreebee's page first before you can like my pica.
btw if you wonder what's sgfreebee about, well i work for sgfreebee, so apparently they're giving some monetary rewards to their star promoter kinda thing, meaning sgfreebee would give me some $$ if i receive the highest votes/likes! so yeah i would very much appreciate it if you guys do me this little favor (L)

my versaemerge's parcel arrived, finally ikr! a versa vulture tee (they gave me a size bigger though), as well as fixed at zero's! i'm a happy girl. sierra's and blake's voices are just amazing, eargasmic much.

yoshi with ma:


@ everything w fries sometime ago:

jm's coming back from china this friday! gosh, need i say five months just passed like that? what have i did for past five months *scratches head*, no idea. five months, that's almost half a year - no wonder they say time moves faster as we age, absolutely true.


jingmin said...

EAT GOOD FOOD WITHOUT ME?!!?? and omg im coming back in 2 days' time!! damn sad i got no internet so bored!

zhengning said...

hahah but thats the point right, to eat when youre not here haha! this is cj's belated birthday picass haha.no internet then how you comment!